11 special points related to the ghost

New Delhi: Everyone is shocked by the incident of suicide of Uday Singh Deshmukh alias Bhayyaji Maharaj . Although, Bhayyaji Maharaj had many identities with politicians, but headlines came closer to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When PM Narendra Modi was taking oath of Prime Minister on May 26, 46-year-old Uday Singh Deshmukh (Bhayyaji Maharaj) had also brought a picture in his 4,000 VIP VIPs. Usually Baba stays at the house of a monastery or devotee, but Bhayyuji stayed in Ambassador Hotel in South Delhi and returned to Indore the next day after meeting some select people. Let us know 11 things related to this special person.-

1. In the year 2011, Bhayyaji Maharaj had come to Ramlila Maidan for annihilation of Anna Hazare and everyone had a look at him.

2. When JD (U) President Sharad Yadav pulled out of his agitation on the Anna movement in the Lok Sabha, Bhaiyuji too was wrapped up. At that time, people first saw a white-eyed, high-minded man as a monk. It was a brand new art of the Indian spiritual world . The accomplished Maratha in fencing and horse riding had then tried to persuade Anna on the call of a minister of the UPA government.

3. On January 28, 2011, the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had declared the Saint Nagari project of Bhayyaji Maharaj. In this project more sculptures and history of more than 2,700 saints and saints of India will be preserved so that the new generation can be satisfied with the spiritual heritage of India.

4. Science Graduate Saint about the ‘Saint Nagaris’ in his meeting of Indore of beautiful images of Lord Shiva standing by the finger of mother Jijabai and standing in the presence of Lord Ganesha, said, “Here sculptures and views of the Gurus of all religions of India Will be quoted. ‘ In fact, he had sent a proposal of Saint Nagar to the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, which he accepted right away.

5. In 2011, when Modi was sitting on goodwill in Ahmedabad, this fast had come to a dispute when Modi refused to wear a Muslim cap – at that time, with the other saints, Bhayyuji was also present there. And they were among those who had taken Modi’s favor, citing Gujarat’s development.

6. In a picture taken in his ashram, the sage saint, who is trying to solve the problem of Bharat Mata, tells the great interest in how he has worked in the society to remove the women of Paradi society from prostitution and how their ‘Shri Sadguru Datta religious and Paramarthik Trust ‘has so far married 7,709 girls.

7. He is a spiritual master who has been modeling for the Siyaram suit, who does not refrain from expensive vehicles, but how much money the trust has in the account, it is ready to count on fingers. When you ask them about religious actions, they give details of social work.

8. Dheoyaji Maharaj has rebuilt hundreds of ponds in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. He has planted 19.39 lakh saplings in the country and his trust has now distributed 1.5 million copies of the Constitution so that people can believe in democracy.

9. Bhayyaji Maharaj is engaged in a new kind of Karmayogi image. They are married. They have a daughter. And they were living in the house with their parents until their father’s death on May 2, like that of a common man. If they believe that they travel hundreds of kilometers every day, so that they are looking at the social work they are doing. They are active on Facebook, Twitter and also run their blog.

10. With many leaders like Pratibha Patil, Narendra Modi, Nitin Gadkari, Smriti Irani, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Raman Singh, Uddhav Thakre and Prithviraj Chauhan, you will find pictures of Dheoyaji Maharaj. Earlier, it seemed that Congress leaders are more close to him, but even if BJP leaders who have a relationship with them examine the same thing, then it seems the same thing. It is convinced that U. Uddhav Thackeray is a very good leader, that Modi recognizes and proposes good proposals in a big way and works on them.

11. Despite these political connections, they believe that governments can not do much. Society will have to work for salvation only to society. And then putting your big eyes in your eyes deeply, raises questions on both the society and the government, “Why should a person suffering a black deer get the Padma Shri? Those who have Rs 500 Can spend on watching movies, what is the right to cry cry for inflation? If society makes the wrong people their ideal, then themselves will go in the wrong direction. “

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