2015 Tripura State Calendar Holidays for Hindus, Muslims, Christians Festivals

tripuraTripura government had released the calendar days of holidays for the new year 2015. Now the workers and employees of government will go off on only these days which are scheduled as holidays for them as otherwise it would be a loss of pay The tripura state people are mostly buddhist and hindus and are very few in terms of other religions like christians, muslims and sikhs. However they stand unite celebrating all religious festivals on the holidays gazetted by its govt.

The schools, colleges, and other educational institutions shall go on official holiday as per the holiday list of tripura govt. The banks and stock and share market companies issue holidays on the said date except with muslim festival which will come to know only by then. The authorized list of tripura calendar holidays are in line with the birthdays, ceremonies, death and birth anniversary, national declared holidays, and so on.

Find here the official list in the regional language and english http://www.iba.org.in/Documents/TRIPURA.pdf

Name of Festival Date Day
Subash chandra bose’s Birthday 23-Jan fri
Republic Day 26-Jan mon
Biju 14-Apr tue
Bengali New Year’s Day 15-Apr wed
Garia Pooja 21-Apr tue
May Day 1-May fri
Idu’l Fitr 18-Jul sat
Kharchi Puja 24-Jul fri
Ker Pooja 8-Aug sat
Independence Day 15-Aug sat
Bakrid 25-Sep fri
Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday 2-Oct fri
Mahalaya 12-Oct mon
Saptami 20-Oct tue
Ashtami 21-Oct wed
Navami 22-Oct thu
Muharram 24-Oct sat
Lakshmi Puja 26-Oct mon
Diwali 11-Nov wed
Christmas Day 25-Dec-15 fri
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