2018 Holiday Hubs in Telangana

2018 Holiday Hubs in Telangana

Most of the people have desire taking a holiday vacation during holidays. As the Government of Telangana has declared the list of bank holidays, festival holidays, public holidays, national holidays and regional holidays for the calendar year 2018, it is wise to plan a trip to the holiday spots of your choice in Telangana.

Hyderabad is by large and the capital city of Telangana is affluent with urban & historic monuments. ‘Telugu Film Industry,’ the 2nd biggest producer of motion films in India is placed here. One need to invest 2-3 days to see the wonder of the city that includes Charminar and Old City.

To explore Warangal just a day or two is enough as it is also the best holiday destinations in Telangana. The city is filled with many monuments and ancient temples like Ramappa Temple, Warangal Fort & Thousand Pillar Temple.

Nizamabad is a main city in Telangana is again alike other above listed place is popular for different historical monuments and temples.

Karimnagar is where several historical forts like englandal fort is present. It is also the fourth largest city in the state of Telangana.

However, to see all a right list of holidays is required which the telangana government publishes every calendar year. Considering the regular holidays like saturdays and sundays, accompanied by national holiday gandhi jayanthi, festival holidays like dussehra can add up to 4 to 5 days together. Here are the list of holidays in telangana in 2018

Date Day Holiday
01/01/ Sunday Makara Sankrmana
26-11-2018 Friday Republic Day
13-02-2018 Tuesday Mahavir Jayanti
02-03-2018 Friday Holi
18-03-2018 Sunday Ugadi
25-03-2018 Sunday Ram Navami
30-03-2018 Friday Good Friday
05-04-2018 Thursday Babu Jagjivan Ram Jayanti
14-04-2018 Saturday Birthday of Ambedkar
01-05-2018 Tuesday May Day
15-06-2018 Friday Idul Fitr
16-06-2018 Saturday Idul Fitr Holiday
01-08-2018 Wednesday Bonalu
15-08-2018 Wednesday Independence Day
22-08-2018 Wednesday Bakrid
03-09-2018 Monday Janmashtami
13-09-2018 Thursday Ganesh Chaturthi
21-09-2018 Friday Muharam
02-10-2018 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanthi
09-10-2018 Tuesday First Day of Bathukamma
17-10-2018 Wednesday Maha Ashtami
19-10-2018 Friday Vijaya Dashami
06-11-2018 Tuesday Deepavali
21-11-2018 Wednesday Eid e Milad
23-11-2018 Friday Guru Nanak Jayanthi
25-11-2018 Tuesday Christmas Day
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