Fast Ramdhan Following 100 Must Dos & Donts of Ramzan Fasting Rules

ramadhanWith ramadhan fasting starting today or tomorrow i.e., 8.7.2013 and 9.7.2013 across the world in intervals of 24 hour days time globally according to the moon sights. Here are the common rules of fasting followed by muslims of the islamic world as mentioned in the quran, hadith and muhammad saw pbuh as instructed by the almighty god allah.

Here the list of dos and donts of fasting during the holy month of ramzan that reflects the pros and cons of this course

Dos of 2013 Ramdhan

  • adapt and practice sunnah
  • all during day and night make duas to allah continuously
  • attend free idul fitr iftars at nearby local mosques organized by masjids committee
  • be first to dissolve grudges against anyone though not your fault in eidulfitra
  • be generous to all in ramalan strikes in calendar
  • be sympathetic to surrounding people as fasting plays havoc in eating and sleeping habits
  • befriend with any muslims and enjoy ramzhan iftar
  • break your fast with dates and water as it is recommended by the prophet saw
  • break your ramzaan fast at sunset daily with an iftar
  • can kiss wife spouse gently but not in intention of having sex
  • can swallow spit or saliva not being excessive for just quenching thirst sake
  • constantly seek forgiveness and repent for all sins in ramazan
  • consume fast ramzhan recommended food items like wheat, barley, oat, lentil and much more
  • do blood test if it is not excessive
  • do brush teeth with tooth paste without swallowing it
  • do increase number of sadaqah fitr & zakat
  • do optional prayers taraweel in the nights of ramadan.
  • donate food, cloth or money to needy poor charity seekers during holy month of ramdhan
  • dress fully (like covering upper amrs, shoulders, knee, necklines) during ramlaan as it is
  • compulsory for both men and women in public
  • eat bananas, dates, almonds, haleem in ramalaan
  • eat quickly your sehri if the fajr adhaan starts and do not leave it
  • get 70 times your deed in ramadan fasting
  • get ready to break the fast at maghrib time itself
  • get to learn islamic knowledge
  • gift your muslim maid or servants a lot during ramdan fasting
  • give dates to the iftar invitations from your friends or colleagues
  • handle with care with your social networking websites facebook and twitter muslim friends
  • hold the bounds and be peace with your muslim bros and sis, non-muslims and all perceived enemies
  • lower your eye gaze when fasting during eid-al-fitar
  • make i’tikaf in the final 10 days as the messenger of allah pbuh peace be upon him muhammad sallalahu alaihu wassalam used to perform i’tikaf during fasting of last 10 days of ramadan
  • make use of miswak in fasting, as it is sunnah
  • make use of th ramadan camps in giving donations for charitable organizations
  • make your question over any musalmans nearby before you start your eating
  • make yourself busy in islamic acts of worshipping god in id-ul-fitr
  • maximize water consumption to remain hydrated while in the day
  • multiply nafil ibaadah / prayers particularly in the last 10 nights
  • obligatorily offer zakat-ul-fitr before eid
  • offer iftaris to others even a date
  • offer salat prayer 5 times a day knowing its significance
  • pray sincerely the night prayer
  • pray to allah more number of times in the ramzan days for his mercy & forgiveness
  • prolong the ramazhan suhoor as close as fajr azhaan or adaan
  • pronounce your intention of obligatory for fasting before morning prayer time
  • quit chewing tobacco when ramadan commences
  • recite dua while breaking fast like ‘o allah, for you i have fasted and on your provision i have
  • broken the fast’ ‘the thirst is gone, the veins are moisten and the reward is certain, insha’allah’
  • ‘indeed there is for the fasting person, when he breaks his fast, a supplication which is not rejected.’
    recite or byheart the qur’an as much as possible and teacher others koran
  • remain patient and hold bold self-control always as in ramlan
  • shave your hairs, cut your nails before ramazan fasting starts
  • speak to the poor know their problems and try to help them out
  • stay away from any forbidden activities in ramadhan
  • stay away from masturbation or sexual provocation habits
  • stay away from swallowing water while taking shower, water diving
  • stay away from touching, kissing, and intercourse
  • stay good to your fasting neighbour & colleague and give respect to everyone in times of eid-ul-fitr
  • stay hide smoking in public at fasting times of ramdhaan
  • take only injections that has no rehydration or nutritious substance reducing hunger or thirst while at fasting
  • take purity wash janabah while your discharge wet in dreaming sleep as it does not nullify the fast
  • talk less do dhikr always in ramazhaan
  • visit and listen to quran recitation, khutba or bayans islamic lecture given by islamic scholars
  • wake to seek laylatul qadr in the final 10 days of ramadan
  • while in idul fitr take fibrous food like green vegetables, beetroot, skin fruit

Donts of Ramzan

  • do not use abusive language to harm anyone and add it your sins during ramadhan
  • do no argue, fight, yell or shout
  • do not rise your car volume when hearing music in ramazan
  • don’t be impolite, rude, vulgar, promise, irritable, boastful or arrogant
  • do not eat fried & high cholesterol foods like junk food, sweets, potatoes and prevent overeating meal in ramzan fast
  • not to drink tea & coffee
  • do no delay in breaking your fast
  • do not deliberately drink anything during the fast
  • do not deliberately vomit yourself
  • do not give a kiss / hug your partner in public
  • do not listen or play loud music
  • do not waste time so try & cash each time by making dhikr
  • practice not to sing or dance in public at any time during ramadhan
  • don’t consume, chew gum, smoke outside while jogging or exercising
  • don’t take alcohol or drugs anytime
  • don’t go to weekend clubs and nightclubs in bars and pubs
  • stay away from getting caught by police or spend in jail the ramadhan months when you do offence in public
  • don’t dress with any revealing or tight clothes in public
  • do not walk around sipping water or eating crispy chips as it is penalty by police
  • do not involve in indecent actions
  • do not engage in sexual activities
  • womens do no make your fast when you are at menstrual period cycle
  • fasting person dont lie or commit sinful deeds
  • do not misbehave which a fasting person should not do
  • do not take fried & fatty foods
  • do not get angered or lose temper
  • do not gossip & backbiting
  • do not hold your employees to work extra during fasting
  • do not listen to haram musics like gheeba
  • don’t cheat, lie, trick
  • do not miss prayer
  • do not over-eating sehri
  • do not back bite even over phone with your friends
  • don’t talk with no cause
  • do no use bad foul words or obscene language
  • do not wantedly look at unlawful things or materials like naked opposite sexes avoid bad thinking, cursing, getting angry and bad attitude


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