23 Feb 2015

Specialists Doctors of H1N1 Swine Flu Virus in Tamil Nadu with Phone Nos.

...state governments. As of now the registered outbreak has outnumbered the previous swine flu records of 2013 and 2014. Mostly the swine flu deaths are in the age group of 65 and childrend below 5 In coimbatore
7 Jan 2015

Tamil Nadu Tiruvarur DEO Employment Exchange Codes

...ew registrations and renewals. A database is maintained by the district employment office of tiruvarur of about job seekers and employees. One has to just access the authorized link http://tnvelaivaaippu.gov.in an in your identity card find the
7 Jan 2015

Benefits of Employers in Thoothukudi District Employment Exchange Office

...online registration with its employment exchange and later the updation and renewal required for the concerned job seekers. THis way thootukudi district emp exch creates the village wise database of extremely skilled registrants. Apart from these all
6 Jan 2015

Theni Study Circle & Job Fair Employment Exchange

...by way of Private Sector placement camps organized by the Theni District employment exchange frequently. Theni Job Fair will enable both employer and employee meet together and the spot jobs are offered. Theni Vocational Guidance Services process
6 Jan 2015

Thanjavur Employment Office for Differently Abled Candidates

...providing strategic Market Information on the employment needs thus creating the study circle in improving the job seekers skills. All the candidates and budding students in thanjavoor district can stop here for employment. This way the tanjavur
6 Jan 2015

District to District Transfer of Employment Exchange of Siva Ganga

...cally handicapped candidates who can make registration and get placements. Every 3 years the already sivagangai job aspirant must do renewing with the employment exchange online selecting siva ganga dist. The missing applicants are given time till
6 Jan 2015

Erode Employment Office Online Renewal and Registration

...te of India covering 2,198 sq mi. The Erode District Employment Office is located at Chennaimalai Road were the job seekers can make the offline employment registration and renewal. The job seekers can make the online employment
6 Jan 2015

Dharmapuri District Employment Registration and Renewal Online

...is located in the state of Tamil Nadu of southern India with the total geographical area of 4497.77 Sq Kms. The job seekers can make the offline employment registration followed by the renewal at the Dharmapuri District