After Alcohol Its Turn For Khaini Ban in Bihar State of India

After Alcohol Its Turn For Khaini Ban in Bihar State of India:

After two years of banning alcohol in Bihar , the state government is preparing to take another major step. If everything is right, the state’s Nitish government can ban Khaini.

The State Government has written a letter to the Center asking to inform Khanee as a food product. After being notified as Food Products by the Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI), the government has the power to ban khanei on health grounds.

Bihar’s Principal Secretary (Health) Sanjay Kumar confirmed that he had written a letter to the central government. He said that every fifth person in Bihar consumes Khaini.

He said that we have rules which control the use of tobacco in the form of cigarettes, but the consumption of khanei is high which needs attention.

He also claimed that the overall consumption of tobacco in Bihar has declined. In the past seven years, the consumption of tobacco has decreased from 53 per cent to 25 per cent, although the number of people consuming Khanna (raw tobacco) has been alarming.

It has also been found that cough is the main reason behind cancer in the mouth.


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