whether or not calling WhatsApp in violence-affected areas.

The government will examine its justification before shutting down the WhatsApp calling service in violence-hit areas like Jammu and Kashmir. There are reports that the terrorists use this service to keep in touch with their borders, which the government has taken this decision.

This issue was raised during a meeting chaired by Home Secretary Rajiv Gaba during a meeting on Monday. In the meeting, the issue of arrest of some terrorists involved in the terror attack on Nagrota Military camp in 2016 was raised, whether it was to stop calling WhatsApp, or not, its practicality will be tested first. Explain that the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists arrested in this case told the Jammu Kashmir Police that they got directions from across the border via WhatsApp calls.

In the meeting, the top officials of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Department of Telecom, Security Agencies and Jammu and Kashmir Police participated. These officials also discussed the keypad jihadists inciting inflammatory and nationalist posts on social networking sites, due to which the situation of law and order worsens by spreading communal colors or spreading rumors. Officials said that Internet usage has increased the problem of security agencies to make calls. They did not know where the call was being made from.

Officials also gave examples of countries including the Gulf, where whitespace voice or video calling is not allowed during the meeting. According to official sources, the effective measures taken by law enforcement agencies to discuss security challenges being offered by terrorists were discussed. During this time there was also discussion on the prevention of child pornography on social media sites.

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