All Exam Papers of Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha 2013

Hindi prachar sabha is an institution that holds examination every year annually for the students who are pursuing the course / class to pass take further studies right from LKG to UG, PG studies.

The student will undergo training, coaching class while on the roll and the necessary course materials like books are given to revise the tuition class held.

The textbooks will make good with home work exercises, question and answers, practical work book thus preparing the candidate for the exam in time whenever held

All the wards will do write the monthly, mid-term, quarterly, half-yearly test before the annual public exam conducted.

No candidate is let to absent for the exam on the exam date and a hall ticket  admit card is allotted.

Following are the competitive examination organized in respect to the standard or class they are in like subject paper wise

The Prathamic examination students will take

  • Saral Hindi Bodhini of Dakshin One
  • Subodh Hindi Patamala One Dakshin Two
  • Subodh Hindi Rachana One Dakshin Three

The Madhyama wards to write

First paper Subodh Hindi Patamala Two Bharat One

Second paper Hindi Katha Sarovar Bharat Two
2nd Subodh Hindi Rachana Two Bharat Three


Paper I
Subodh Hindi Patamala Three 1st Hindi

Paper II
Katha Ratnavali Second Hindi
Subodh Hindi Third Rachana Hindi Three

First paper
1st Naveen Padya Chayanika
2nd Naveen Gadya Chayanika

Paper Two
Sathya Ka Swar
Sathyameva Jaythe Amended
Hindi Vyakaran Praveshika First

paper III
Hindi Ratnakar

Previous Syllabus First paper
Kavya Sowrabh
Gadya Kusum Two

Earlier Syllabus Second paper
Gandhiji ki Sankshipta
Atmakatha Sabha Publishing Chapter 1 – 20
Sugam Hindi Vyakaran of Shabda Vichar

Third Paper Old Syllabus
Aadhunik Hindi Nibandhavali
Rajabhasha Bodhini Sabha Pub
Anuvad Abhyas-4 Prose 1 to 20

Regional Language Telugu
Gadya Mandaaram
Kavya Manjari Telugu

Regional Language Kannada
Kannad Gadya Bharati Part One
Kannad Padya Bharati Part One

Regl. Language Malayalam
Gadya Tharangavali
Padya Tharangavali

Regional Language Tamil
Tamil Pozhil-1 Padya Sangrah
Tamil Pozhil-1 Gadya Sangrah

Regional Language Marathi
Upekshitha che Antharangha –

R.B. Visharad Poorvardh
1st paper
Gadya Kusum Part-3 Latest Version
Nirmala Premchand Kahani Manjari

Second paper
Vyakaran Pradeep
Hindi Samkshipta Lekhan
Gadya Kusum-3 (Lesson 1 to 10)
Hindi Aalekhan
Nibandh Manjusha Vinod Pustak Mandir
Anuvad Abhyas-5 Lesson 1 to 20

3rd paper Regional Language (Telugu)
Gadya Chandrika
Kavya Kusumavali (Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha,
(Gadya Kusum-3 (Lesson 1 to 10)
Hindi Aalekhan
Nibandh Manjusha (Vinod Pustak Mandir)
Anuvad Abhyas-5 (Lesson 1 to 20)

Regional Language (Kannad)
Adhu. Kannada Gadya Bharati-2
Parisara Manava Ithara Kavithegalu
(Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha, Karnataka)

Regional Language (Malayalam)
Pathinonnu Kathaikal
Padya Ratnam
(Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha, Kerala)

Regional Language (Tamil)
Ilakkiya Kanigal
Malar Chendu
(Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha, Tamil Nadu)

Regional Language (Marathi)
Chaandhanavel – (Editor: G.P. Kulkarni)
Gothavala – (Author: Anand Yadav)

R.B. Visharad Uttarardh
1st paper
Kavya Kusum-3 (Pub. Sabha)

2nd paper
Swarga ki Jhalak
Bharatvarsh ka Itihas
Sooryoday (Sabha Pub.)

3rd paper – Viva-voce
Viva-voce with question & Answer
Likhavat ke Namune

R. B. Praveen Poorvardh
1st paper
Gadya Kusum-4
(Jayashankar Prasad)
Gaban (Premchand)

2nd paper
Hindi Sahitya ka Saral
Itihas (Rajanath Sharma)
Bapu Katha (Sabha Pub.)
Dakshini Kathayen (Sabha Pub.)

3rd paper – Regional Language – Telugu
Vyaas Manjusha
Kavya Mala (Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha, Andhra)

Regional Language – Kannad
Kannad Katha Bharathi
Kannad Padya Bharati – Part 3
(Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha, Karnataka)

Regional Language – Malayalam
Chintha Vistaya Seetha
Malayala Madhuryam
(Available D.B.H.P. Sabha)

Regional Language – Tamil
Kambaramayanam – Valivadhaipadalam
Tamil Ilakkiya Varalaaru
(Pub.: D.B.H.P. Sabha, Tamil Nadu)

Regional Language – Marathi
Gaavagund – (Pub.: Author – G.L. Tokal
Sri Lekan Vaachan Bandar 1004
Budhvarpet, Pune-2)
Abhra (Editor: K.V. Nikumba)

R.B. Praveen Uttarardh
1st paper
Saket (Sarg 1,2,3, and 9)
Kavya Prakash
Pracheen Kavya Sangrah

2st paper
Kavya ke Roop
Kavya Pradeep
Bhasha Vigyan (Shiyamsundardass)

3rd paper
Prabandha Prabhakar (Babu Gulab Roy)
Sahityak Nibandh, Part 1 and 2
(Part1: 2,4,5,6,10,11,12,15,16,17,18,
(Part2: 49,50,52,53,54,57,58,60,61,62,63,
Prayojanmoolak Hindi
Anuvad Abhyas-6 (Viva-voce)
Likhavat ke Namune

Easy Language Syllabus
Telugu-Telugu Bhasha Bodhini-I
Kannada-Kannada Bhasha Bodhini-I
Tamil-Tamil Bhasha Bodhini-I
Malayalam-Malayalam Bhasha Bodhini-I
Marathi-Marathi Bhasha Bodhini-I

R.B. Visharad Poorvardh
Telugu-Telugu Bhasha Bodhini-II
Kannada-Kannada Bhasha Bodhini-II
Tamil-Tamil Bhasha Bodhini-II
Malayalam-Malayalam Bhasha Bodhini-II
Marathi-Marathi Bhasha Bodhini-II

R.B. Visharad Poorvardh
Telugu-Telugu Bhasha Bodhini-III
Kannada-Kannada Bhasha Bodhini-III
Tamil-Tamil Bhasha Bodhini-III
Malayalam-Malayalam Bhasha Bodhini-III
Marathi-Marathi Bhasha Bodhini-III

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  3. Any information about the announcement of DBHPS Hindi examination 2016 results

  4. Had the DBHPS Hindi January/February 2016 examination result published?

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