Bihar State Election Voters Name List Search PDF and E – Roll

Bihar State Election Voters Name List Search PDF and E – Roll:

The Chief Electoral Officer CEO Bihar had recently released the information about the voters list for various assembly constituencies of Bihar state in India.

The voters can check for the voters information in the e-roll released by the Election Commission of India by selecting the State name, District, Constituency, Part Number, Name and Relative Name.

The candidates can also check for the voters information available Assembly Constituency Wise of the final roll in PDF file format.

In the state of Bihar there are totally 243 Assembly Constituencies across all the 38 districts.

Check Voters List in Final Roll PDF:

The voters information can be checked online by selecting the Assembly Segment, Part Number and download the final roll pdf of Bihar state.

Check Voters List in e-roll:

The candidates can select the Language option as English or Hindi, select the State, District, Constituency, Part Number, Voter ID, Name and Relative Name.


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10 Replies to “Bihar State Election Voters Name List Search PDF and E – Roll”

  • u forgot bihar where bjp has alliance now.u forgot up where bjp got same voting percentage in assembly with compare to 2014. u forgot North-east state where bjp was no in picture and now it rules 3 states nd increasing vote sharestoo. u forgot WB where bjp rises frequently.

  • But dont forget d voting pattern to elect CM & to Elect PM isnt that same .

    Gujarat – BJP Vote % increased!! Best ever ..

    Punjab – Public start hating Akalis..

    Delhi- Demographic factor & freebies.

    Bihar- One Versus All ( then & now)

    Absolutely not. I trust him & I know India needs him but Indian Voters vote mercilessly. How can you forget Bihar Delhi Punjab and Gujarat.

  • 4 BJP Candidates brutally attacked in Tripura in diff locations! Democracy is dead. State apparatus has totally crumbled. CEO has no trust on DGP of Tripura. Polls cannot be conducted like this. Appealing rest of India to help us! This is constitutional crisis of highest order!

    Elections are not war scenarios. You follow laws, you don’t send in the police of 19 states. This is a basic rogue parties MO, happened a lot in Bihar and UP way back. Center can’t interfere unless state asks for it.

  • Last May, more than 6/10 of those surveyed credited Modi w/ ushering in “Acche Din” (good times). Now only 4/10 believe it.

    Ppl are voting on hindu muslims,these are all craps to satisfy educated lots ..rahul gandhi is catalyst for modi win

  • Lol ,jst replace raga n stitch grand alliance in 6 states,bjp wont cross 150 seats,go n talk to ppl on road,maximum fed up bt cz of raga nt voting cong ..

  • So govt says Chhota Modi ‘Nimo’ wasn’t in PMs delegation but PM allowed him to be clicked with him, since ‘he was hanging around’, despite being charged with smuggling in 2016!Just as PM doesn’t endorse criminal trolls, but only follows them&invited them for photo ops to PM house

    If being in the same picture frame determined guilt, would we therefore use the same logic to judge politicians associated with Lalu Yadav (Bihar elections).
    Such loose arguments are unbecoming of you.

  • Did you read the whole thing? No where he says anything bad about the army. He even mentions that whatever he would do regarding putting his men in front if constitution allows.

    Bhagwat sabotaged the Bihar elections by opening his mouth about reservations three weeks before voting. I get his point about reservations but there is a place and time for everything. Because of this, Bihar got Lalu Yadav for two years.

  • RW should know that Mohan Bhagwat’s comment on scrapping reservations played a part in SCs/STs/OBCs not voting for BJP in the last Bihar elections.

    Take away reservations & ul see nationwide, large-scale Mandal type agitations from these castes engineered by Congress.

  • Sir tell the prople of bihar that you are going to win by elections…keo ki bharat ki janta keh rehi hai….bahut acchey din aa geh hai…..charo tarf khushali…kissan khush…yuva khush….desh lootnry wale khush…..ganga saaf……mehngai khattam…..gareebi mein jump.

  • This is not the first time. During Bihar elections 8000 odd crores went out of this country from the very nose of Govt from Delhi thro’ proper banking channels to Hongkong in the name of advance payment against exports. Any idea who was the culprit & who was caught?

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