BJP legislator, furious over the Iftar party of the leaders, you are just beggars of the votes

Telangana BJP legislator has said that leaders only organize iftar party for the begging of votes. MLA T Raja Lodh, who went to the controversial statements said that he will never organize such a event nor will he ever go to such events.

MLA Lodh from the Goshmahal Assembly constituency of Telangana has shared a video on social media. He said, ‘These days many leaders are organizing Iftar parties, in which they appear to be wearing Muslim cap and selfie. Those who attend these events are ‘beggars of the vote’. Will such a development happen? ‘

He further said, ‘In Hinduism, Sikh is given to respect everyone. But in other religions, Hindus are called Kafirs, so I can not sit with such people in an event like Ihtad.

Earlier, T. Raja had said that Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had spent Rs 66 crores on the iftar party in the past. They spent so much money to wage minorities.

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