Dengue Returns Ascends Case Descends Deaths in 2013

dengueThe cases of disease Dengue have increased enormously around the country this year in 2013 compared to the last year until july 31 is reported to be 80% hike.

Dengue Determinants

Within twelve months India registered 15983 dengue symptoms patients in contrast to the 8899 cases in 2012 the study reveald by health ministry. Although cases maximized the fatalities dropped like 76 to 56 same day same year.

Dengue Demographics

Following are the statewide dengue reports in india such as

Kerala        5801
Karnataka    3775
Tamil Nadu    3079
Maharashtra    961
Delhi        54

Dengue Drivers

Few of the reason for dengue increased case reports are

  • man-made governance
  • unnatural environmental factors
  • exponential population
  • fast urbanization
  • lack of waste management.

The maximized floating of population and improper infrastructure screening the moquitoe breeding are the main case of dengue double.

Dengue in Description

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease driven by 4 serotypes with former i & iii are natural old dengue fever with or without shock while the later ii and iv are deadly dangerous causing fever, bleeds, lessened platelet count.

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