How To Register Complaints on #MaiamWhistle?

#maiamwhistle on Twitter is a hashtag application from actor turned politician padmashri kamal haasan. #kamalhassan introduced the launch of new app Maiam Whistle on his birthday on 7th november 2017. However the kh twitter account apps Maiamwhistle is in beta stage now and should be available for public from january 2018. KH Launching the new mobile app tweet #MaiamWhistle planned to tour various places in tamil nadu addressing the public grievances.

This is a whistle-blowing platform where any one can blow the whisle if it is even about himself to bring to justice. Maiamwhisle is the first move in creating a base for politics of kamalhassan. KH MW will bring out all bads in the society and around. Maiam-Whistle will connect to the people on various issues which kamalahassan introduced on his 63rd birthday.

Maiam Whistle means in english as Center Whisle is a digital platform to post to public about the anti-corruption happening around. Kamal state that the app Maiam Whistle will act as a whistle-blower and expose corruption & social issues. It will address the grievances of common citizens and to wrestle injustice.

Along with this he launched other apps like #theditheerpomvaa, #virtouscycles and #kh. Maiyam Whistle application can be had download for Android & iphone mobile phones. This will be an unique mobile app for the public to mean as whistleblowers. Kamal Hassan launched this app during a press meet in t. nagar.

The app will help his fan link and raise voice against corruptions, injustice and wrongdoings occurs. The text Maiam in #Maiamwhistle is a palindrome that points to kamalhassan himself. Once live anybody can make their complaints on it. The Maiam whistle will act as an interactive platform for the public to bring out the inequities surrounding them and hold their leaders.


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  • Kamal is wasting his time thinking that social media will help bring the change in politics….sadly technology alone cannot change the minds of the people… it requires something more… like – identifying council of experts, finding people’s agenda, creating a platform for youth to identify qualified candidates to join politics, support from top social activists in tamilnadu, and atleast 20 eminient personalities support…. more later !

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