In the wake of child thief, the mob killed two youths, called the girlfriends and said – we killed her

While returning from a picnic place in Angolang, Karbi, Assam, the villagers had beaten two youths in the suspected kidnapping of a child and killed them. The video of this beating on social media was also viral. The names of these youths are Abhijit Nath (30) and Nilotpal Das (29). Nath passed the tenth pass from Guwahati’s Little Flower School in 2004. His friends say that he was a shy and very little talking boy.

As soon as the news of the death and beating of the victim came to the social media, Nath’s friends became very upset. They say that the boy who never hurts till a fly can steal the child . Abhijeet went out of his house on Friday morning in search of some fish, when only a crowd of about 200 people beat him with bamboo rods. Nath’s sister, Namrata Shahriya Das, said, “At 6 o’clock in the evening, calling her girlfriends said that she will return home soon. But within half an hour, his phone came out of reach. ‘

At 8.00 pm, Nath’s alleged assailant called on the mobile phone of his girlfriend and said that we had killed him. You will read this news in the newspaper tomorrow. The second phone was found by Karbi Anglolong police who told that he was dead. His body was brought home late at night. Namrata said, ‘Abhijit did not speak too much but he was decent. He was flutter and obsessed with animals. How can he steal a child? This incident has shaken the whole state and thousands of people have been demanding justice for him.

Ajit and Shashiprao Nath are very sad because of the death of their only son. He told that he lived like a king in the house. One of his rooms is full of aquarium. Sister Namrata said that my brother was going to marry soon. The assailants had killed so many knives on his face that we could not even recognize him. In this case, 16 people have been arrested by the police.

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