Karnataka Congress MLAs Not satisfied With Cabinet Split

Karnataka Congress MLAs Not satisfied With Cabinet Split:

A day after assuming charge as ministers in Karnataka, a dispute has begun on the division of departments. Many Congress MLAs are angry with not getting the post of minister Among them are ministers in Siddaramaiah government. Chief Minister Kumaraswamy also acknowledged the incidence of Congress MLAs being annoyed. He said that there is some resentment in the posts, but Congress MLAs will make the right decision. Let us state that the Congress-JDS coalition government in Karnataka is formed. On Wednesday, 25 ministers took the oath. These include 14 Congressional and 9 JDSs. Apart from these, the BSP and independents have also been given place in the cabinet.

Meeting of several legislators including former ministers

– Congress MLAs and former government ministers held a meeting on Friday in Bangalore There were more than 10 MLAs in it. It is being told that these MLAs are unhappy with not getting the post of minister.
– In the meeting of former minister MB Patil, Dinesh Gundu Rao, Ramalinga Reddy, R. Roshan, HK Patil, Tanvir Satt, Shamnur Satish Zarkihali were present.
– Congress Secretary Satish Zarkihali said that many MLAs are not satisfied about the sharing of ministers’ posts. There was talk about this in the meeting.

I am not second class citizen- Patil
On being given a place in the second round of Cabinet expansion, MP Patil said, “I am not a second-class citizen, I swear in the second, I have no ambitions.”

– Congress MLA DK Sivakumar said that it is evident that senior Congress leaders have been hurt. But the Congress Party has kept all the options open for sharing the posts of ministers.

On the other hand, Mrs. Kumaraswamy and Deputy Chief Minister of the angry MB Patil God also met

On May 23, Li had been sworn in by Kumaraswamy
– HD Kumaraswamy sworn in as the 24th Chief Minister of Karnataka on May 23 Congress party with them. God took oath as the Deputy Chief Minister. Let us know that JDS (38), together with Congress (78), formed the government. BJP got 104 seats.


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