Live Flu Online Tracker For Dengue, Chikungunya, & Top Ten Infectious Disease From New Year 2017

live-flu-trackerThe department of public health of the tamilnadu state is about to introduce new online dengue fever tracking system. The dynamic flu tracker will make doctors of both government and private hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, multi-specialty hospitals, super specialty hospital, medical centers to make note of top 10 infectious diseases. The chikungunya live tracker will alarm public of all twleve corporations during outbreak of chickenkunya.

The online malaria tracker is a development from the officials of National Informatics Centre. The cholera outbreak tracking software is tentatively to be launched by january 2017. With this introduction of diarrhoea track process the manual reporting system will shape into computerized and transparent one.

This positively tested highly infectious fever tracker will bring down time in uploading patient cases. The preventive measures to curb outbreak of disease is alerted when the limit of patients exceeds.

The health inspectors who are collecting reports from doctors and hospitals will be set free as doctors can directly feed in the report in latest swine flu tracker system in india via their login id and password. The influenza online tracking website will have database of patients record which will be confidential and private encrypted.

Here are the list of flu fever live tracking system for infectious diseases

Diarrhoeal Diseases
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Hepatitis D
Hepatitis E
Hookworm Infection

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