Madhya Pradesh MP State Updated Voters List Assembly Constituency Wise

Madhya Pradesh MP State Updated Voters List Assembly Constituency Wise:

The Chief Electoral Officer CEO Madhya Pradesh provides the latest information about the electoral rolls across all the districts of Madhya Pradesh state in India.

In the state of Madhya Pradesh there are totally 230 Assembly Constituencies across the 51 districts and the election voting will be held at various polling stations allotted for the voters.

The Election Commission of India had also recently released the updated electoral rolls for the upcoming Madhya Pradesh state Legislative Assembly election 2018.

How To Check MP state Voters List:

Step 1: Visit the official website of CEO Madhya Pradesh –

Step 2: Select the District Name among the listed 51 districts

Step 3: Select the Assembly Constituency Name among the 230 Assembly Constituencies

Step 4: Enter the Captcha Code as given in the image

Step 5: After entering all the details press SUBMIT button

Step 6: Polling Station Name, Address and Voters List will be displayed

Step 7: Press the Voters List to download the electoral rolls polling station wise

Madhya Pradesh State Assembly Constituency Wise List:

C.No Constituency Name District Name
1 Sheopur Sheopur
2 Vijaypur Sheopur
3 Sabalgarh Morena
4 Joura Morena
5 Sumawali Morena
6 Morena Morena
7 Dimani Morena
8 Ambah Morena
9 Ater Bhind
10 Bhind Bhind
11 Lahar Bhind
12 Mehgaon Bhind
13 Gohad Bhind
14 Gwalior Rural Gwalior
15 Gwalior Gwalior
16 Gwalior East Gwalior
17 Gwalior South Gwalior
18 Bhitarwar Gwalior
19 Dabra Gwalior
20 Sewda Datia
21 Bhander Datia
22 Datia Datia
23 Karera Shivpuri
24 Pohari Shivpuri
25 Shivpuri Shivpuri
26 Pichhore Shivpuri
27 Kolaras Shivpuri
28 Bamori Guna
29 Guna Guna
30 Chachoura Guna
31 Raghogarh Guna
32 Ashok Nagar Ashok Nagar
33 Chanderi Ashok Nagar
34 Mungaoli Ashok Nagar
35 Bina Sagar
36 Khurai Sagar
37 Surkhi Sagar
38 Deori Sagar
39 Rehli Sagar
40 Naryoli Sagar
41 Sagar Sagar
42 Banda Sagar
43 Tikamgarh Tikamgarh
44 Jatara Tikamgarh
45 Prithvipur Tikamgarh
46 Niwari Tikamgarh
47 Khargapur Tikamgarh
48 Maharajpur Chhatarpur
49 Chandla Chhatarpur
50 Rajnagar Chhatarpur
51 Chhatarpur Chhatarpur
52 Bijawar Chhatarpur
53 Malhara Chhatarpur
54 Pathariya Damoh
55 Damoh Damoh
56 Jabera Damoh
57 Hatta Damoh
58 Pawai Panna
59 Gunnaor Panna
60 Panna Panna
61 Chitrakoot Satna
62 Raigaon Satna
63 Satna Satna
64 Nagod Satna
65 Maihar Satna
66 Amarpatan Satna
67 Rampur-Baghelan Satna
68 Sirmour Rewa
69 Semariya Rewa
70 Teonthar Rewa
71 Mauganj Rewa
72 Deotalab Rewa
73 Mangawan Rewa
74 Rewa Rewa
75 Gurh Rewa
76 Churhat Sidhi
77 Sidhi Sidhi
78 Sihawal Sidhi
79 Chitrangi Singrauli
80 Singrauli Singrauli
81 Devsar Singrauli
82 Dhauhani Sidhi
83 Beohari Shahdol
84 Jaisingnagar Shahdol
85 Jaitpur Shahdol
86 Kotma Anuppur
87 Anuppur Anuppur
88 Pushprajgarh Anuppur
89 Bandhavgarh Umaria
90 Manpur Umaria
91 Barwara Katni
92 Vijayraghavgarh Katni
93 Murwara Katni
94 Bahoriband Katni
95 Patan Jabalpur
96 Bargi Jabalpur
97 Jabalpur Purba Jabalpur
98 Jabalpur Uttar Jabalpur
99 Jabalpur Cantonment Jabalpur
100 Jabalpur Paschim Jabalpur
101 Panagar Jabalpur
102 Sihora Jabalpur
103 Shahpura Dindori
104 Dindori Dindori
105 Bichhiya Mandla
106 Niwas Mandla
107 Mandla Mandla
108 Baihar Balaghat
109 Lanji Balaghat
110 Paraswada Balaghat
111 Balaghat Balaghat
112 Waraseoni Balaghat
113 Katangi Balaghat
114 Barghat Seoni
115 Seoni Seoni
116 Keolari Seoni
117 Lakhnadon Seoni
118 Gotegaon Narsinghpur
119 Narsingpur Narsinghpur
120 Tendukheda Narsinghpur
121 Gadarwara Narsinghpur
122 Junnardeo Chhindwara
123 Amarwara Chhindwara
124 Churai Chhindwara
125 Saunsar Chhindwara
126 Chhindwara Chhindwara
127 Parasia Chhindwara
128 Pandhurna Chhindwara
129 Multai Betul
130 Amla Betul
131 Betul Betul
132 Ghoradongri Betul
133 Bhainsdehi Betul
134 Timarni Harda
135 Harda Harda
136 Seoni-Malwa Hoshangabad
137 Hoshangabad Hoshangabad
138 Sohagpur Hoshangabad
139 Pipariya Hoshangabad
140 Udaipura Raisen
141 Bhojpur Raisen
142 Sanchi Raisen
143 Silwani Raisen
144 Vidisha Vidisha
145 Basoda Vidisha
146 Kurwai Vidisha
147 Sironj Vidisha
148 Shamshabad Vidisha
149 Berasia Bhopal
150 Bhopal Uttar Bhopal
151 Narela Bhopal
152 Bhopal Dakshin-Paschim Bhopal
153 Bhopal Madhya Bhopal
154 Govindpura Bhopal
155 Huzur Bhopal
156 Budhni Sehore
157 Ashta Sehore
158 Ichhawar Sehore
159 Sehore Sehore
160 Narsinghgarh Rajgarh
161 Biaora Rajgarh
162 Rajgarh Rajgarh
163 Khilchipur Rajgarh
164 Sarangpur Rajgarh
165 Susner Shajapur
166 Agar Shajapur
167 Shajapur Shajapur
168 Shujalpur Shajapur
169 Kalapipal Shajapur
170 Sonkatch Dewas
171 Dewas Dewas
172 Hatpipliya Dewas
173 Khategaon Dewas
174 Bagali Dewas
175 Mandhata Khandwa
176 Harsud Khandwa
177 Khandwa Khandwa
178 Pandhana Khandwa
179 Nepanagar Burhanpur
180 Burhanpur Burhanpur
181 Bikhangaon Khargone
182 Badwah Khargone
183 Maheshwar Khargone
184 Kasrawad Khargone
185 Khargone Khargone
186 Bhagwanpura Khargone
187 Sendhawa Barwani
188 Rajpur Barwani
189 Pansemal Barwani
190 Badwani Barwani
191 Alirajpur Alirajpur
192 Jobat Alirajpur
193 Jhabua Jhabua
194 Thandla Jhabua
195 Petlawad Jhabua
196 Sardarpur Dhar
197 Gandhwani Dhar
198 Kukshi Dhar
199 Manawar Dhar
200 Dharampuri Dhar
201 Dhar Dhar
202 Badnawar Dhar
203 Depalpur Indore
204 Indore-1 Indore
205 Indore-2 Indore
206 Indore-3 Indore
207 Indore-4 Indore
208 Indore-5 Indore
209 Dr. Ambedkar Nagar-Mhow Indore
210 Rau Indore
211 Sanwer Indore
212 Nagada-Khachrod Ujjain
213 Mahidpur Ujjain
214 Tarana Ujjain
215 Ghatiya Ujjain
216 Ujjain Uttar Ujjain
217 Ujjain Dakshin Ujjain
218 Badnagar Ujjain
219 Ratlam Rural Ratlam
220 Ratlam City Ratlam
221 Sailana Ratlam
222 Jaora Ratlam
223 Alot Ratlam
224 Mandsour Mandsaur
225 Malhargarh Mandsaur
226 Suwasra Mandsaur
227 Garoth Mandsaur
228 Manasa Neemuch
229 Neemuch Neemuch
230 Jawad Neemuch

The voters can get more information regarding the Madhya Pradesh state elections and voters list from the official website of Chief Electoral Officer CEO Madhya Pradesh.


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10 Replies to “Madhya Pradesh MP State Updated Voters List Assembly Constituency Wise”

  • Yatra politics’ gathers pace in Madhya Pradesh as election fever rises.
    Won’t Fry Pakodas After Narmada Yatra, Says Digvijaya Singh Hinting at Comeback to Madhya Pradesh Politics

  • This is real Face of politics in Madhya Pradesh. Congress is jointly and silently ruling.

    ISI agents arrested in Madhya Pradesh linked to BJP; party leaders privately express anguish over possible infiltration.

  • Why did Arunachalam Murugunantham have to become Lakshimikant Chauhan in #Padman? Why did #TamizhNadu become Madhya Pradesh? Why make a Tamizh hero into a Hindi person? Is it to service the Hindi politics of #BJP?
    Still, congratulations to @mrsfunnybones + @akshaykumar + #Balki

    I believe the standard argument (in this case as well as Airlift, Mary Kom, et al) is that big Bollywood stars speaking in Hindi puts bums on seats.

  • Guess it’s easier to sell the idea that Manipuri people speak Hindi than Tamil people. Just to be clear, I’m not defending the practice.

    Here they have changed the nomenclature itself. That is baffling!

  • Language is the root cause imo. If they’d used the real name and set it in Tamil Nadu and he spoke Hindi, it’d have been even weirder.

    No. No more weird than Bengalis speaking Hindi in Devdas, or Gujaratis in Ram Leela or Mehmood in Padosan or Mithun in Agneepath.

  • Students of a training institute in Madhya Pradesh are made to pledge against voting for BJP.

    Madhya Pradesh local polls: 66% voting recorded

  • For a LONG time, doing “South Asia” in poli sci depts in the US meant (a) voting patterns of scheduled tribes and OBCs in Madhya Pradesh, (b) Indian foreign policy, or (c) Naxalite insurgents (and variants thereof).

  • Students of a training institute in Madhya Pradesh are made to pledge against voting for BJP.
    Madhya Pradesh local polls: 66% voting recorded

    So my voting or saying will be reflected in next assembly elections against the ruling BJP this time in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and let them face huge defeat and get out of power. Jo mere hath mein hai I will do.

  • Voting for Madhya Pradesh Local Body Elections 2018 has begun. Here’s how you can check your name in voter list before heading out to vote

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