Manipur Holidays for the Calendar Year 2018

Manipur listed festivals holidays falling on second saturday and sundays are:

  • Sajibu Nongmapanba is on 18th March Sunday
  • Cheiraoba is by 14th April falling on 2nd Saturday
  • Kang Rathajatra is on 14th July again on iind Saturday
  • Jananeta Irawat Birth Day on 30th September Sunday

Some of the Festival as per the Annexure I, might be replaced in terms of the Districts and the Manipur bhawans, Kolkota, Delhi & Guwahati by Holidays of local significance after getting prior approval of the govt. by 31st January, 2018. The above 3 events might, however, be comprised as Restricted Holidays in the Hill Districts & the Manipur Bhawan .

Likewise few festivals like Imoinu Iratpa and Gaan-Nqai comes two times within a year however this time for the calendar year 2018 these festivals occurs only once.

Name of the FestivalNo. of DayGregorian CalendarNational CalendarManipuri CalendarDays
New Year’s Day101-Jan11 Pousa14 WakchingMonday
Death Anniversary of (L) Maharaja Gambhir Singh109-Jan19 Pousa23 WakchingTuesday
Republic Day126-Jan6 Magha9 PhairenFriday
Lui-Ngai-Ni115-Feb26 Magha30 PhairenThursday
Yaosang (Dolljatra)202-Mar11 Phalgun15/16 LamtaFriday
Good Friday130-Mar9 Chaitra14 SajibuFriday
Khongjam Day123-Apr3 Vaisakha8 KalenMonday
May Day101-May11 Vaisakha16 KalenTuesday
Idul-Fitr116-Jun26 Jyaishtra3 IngaSaturday
Patriot’s Day113-Aug22 Sravan2 ThawanMonday
Independent Day115-Aug24 Sravan4 ThawanWednesday
Idul Zuha122-Aug31 Sravan11 ThawanWednesday
Janma Ashtami103-Sep12 Bhadra23 ThawanMonday
Gandhi Jayanti102-Oct10 Asvina22/23 langbanTuesday
Mera Chaoren Houba of Lainingthou Sanamahi110-Oct18 Asvina1 MeraWednesday
Durga Ashtami117-Oct25 Asvina8 MeraWednesday
Mera Houchongba124-Oct2 Kartira15 MeraWednesday
Kut101-Nov10 Kartika23 MeraThursday
Diwali(Deepavali)107-Nov16 Kartika30 MeraWednesday
Ningol Chakkouba109-Nov18 Kartika2 HiyangeiFriday
Milad-un-Nabi121-Nov30 Kartika13 HiyangeiWednesday
Nupi-Lal112-Dec21 Agrahayan5 PoinuWednesday
Christmas125-Dec4 Pausha18 PoinuTuesday

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