Manipur State Assembly Election Results 2012 Winners Name List

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Manipur State Assembly Election Results 2012 Winners Name List:

The Election Commission of India had finally announced the list of winners of all the 60 Constituencies in the state of Manipur on 6th March 2012 at the official website of Election Commission of India along with the other 4 state legislative assembly general election 2012 results.

  Manipur Election 2012 Results Winners List:

ConstituencyWinner CandidateWinning PartyMargin Votes
AndroTHOUNAOJAM SHYAMKUMARAll India Trinamool Congress10432
BishnupurKONTHOUJAM GOVINDASIndian National Congress6653
Chandel (st)ST. NUNGHLUNG VICTORNaga Peoples Front166
Chingai (st)M.K. PRESHOWIndian National Congress815
Churachandpur (st)PHUNGZATHANG TONSINGIndian National Congress7751
HeingangN. BIRENIndian National Congress2082
HeirokMOIRANGTHEM OKENDROIndian National Congress5771
Henglep (st)T.MANGA VAIPHEIIndian National Congress365
HiyanglamMAIBAM KUNJOAll India Trinamool Congress17
JiribamTHOUDAM DEBENDRA SINGHIndian National Congress1078
KakchingYENGKHOM SURCHANDRA SINGHIndian National Congress4909
Kangpokpi (Gen)MRS. NEMCHA KIPGENManipur State Congress Party443
Karong (st)DR. V. ALEXANDER PAONaga Peoples Front6136
KeiraoKARAM THAMARJIT SINGHManipur State Congress Party1450
KeishamthongL. IBOMCHA SINGHNationalist Congress Party1459
KhangabokOKRAM LANDHONI DEVIIndian National Congress9871
KhundrakpamTHOKCHOM LOKESHWAR SINGHIndian National Congress5504
KhuraiDR. NG. BIJOY SINGHIndian National Congress5089
KonthoujamKONTHOUJAM SHARAT SINGHAll India Trinamool Congress514
KshetrigaoMD. AMIN SHAHIndian National Congress2996
KumbiSANASAM BIRA SINGHIndian National Congress1065
LamlaiKSHETRIMAYUM BIREN SINGHIndian National Congress1784
LamsangWANGKHEIMAYUM BRAJABIDHU SINGHIndian National Congress3144
LangthabalKARAM SHYAMLok Jan Shakti Party1035
LilongMD. ABDUL NASIRIndian National Congress3957
Mao (st)DIKHONaga Peoples Front8930
Mayang imphalKHUMUJAM RATANKUMAR SINGHIndian National Congress791
MoirangMAIREMBAM PRITHVIRAJ SINGHIndian National Congress1158
NambolSHRI NAMEIRAKPAM LOKEN SINGHIndian National Congress806
Naoriya pakhanglakpaR.K. ANANDIndian National Congress2015
Nungba (st)GAIKHANGAMIndian National Congress2330
OinamIRENGBAM IBOHALBI SINGHAll India Trinamool Congress956
PatsoiAKOIJAM MIRABAI DEVIIndian National Congress5547
Phungyar (st)VICTOR KEISHINGIndian National Congress1695
SagolbandRAJKUMAR IMO SINGHManipur State Congress Party417
Saikot (st)T.N.HAOKIPIndian National Congress8157
Saikul (st)YAMTHONG HAOKIPIndian National Congress1489
Saitu (st)NGAMTHANG HAOKIPIndian National Congress6186
SekmaiKHWAIRAKPAM DEVENDRO SINGHIndian National Congress655
Singhat (st)GINSUANHAUIndian National Congress10690
SingjameiIRENGBAM HEMOCHANDRA SINGHIndian National Congress157
SugnuKANGUJAM RANJIT SINGHIndian National Congress7955
Tadubi (st)FRANCIS NGAJOKPAIndian National Congress6055
Tamei (st)Z.KIKHONBOU NEWMAIIndian National Congress1398
Tamenglong (st)JANGHEMLUNG PANMEIManipur State Congress Party666
Tengnoupal (st)D. KORUNGTHANGIndian National Congress6627
ThangaTONGBRAM MANGIBABUIndian National Congress171
ThangmeibandKHUMUKCHAM JOYKISAN SINGHAll India Trinamool Congress984
Thanlon (st)VUNGZAGIN VALTEIndian National Congress291
ThongjuTHONGAM BISWAJIT SINGHAll India Trinamool Congress603
ThoubalOKRAM IBOBI SINGHIndian National Congress15453
Tipaimukh (st)DR.CHALTONLIEN AMOIndian National Congress912
Ukhrul (st)SAMUEL RISOMNaga Peoples Front70
UripokL. NANDAKUMAR SINGHIndian National Congress1085
WabgaiMD. FAJUR RAHIMIndian National Congress3348
Wangjing tenthaPAONAM BROJENManipur State Congress Party3753
WangkheiYUMKHAM ERABOT SINGHIndian National Congress1576
WangkhemKEISHAM MEGHACHANDRA SINGHIndian National Congress2956
WangoiOINAM LUKHOI SINGHAll India Trinamool Congress182
YaiskulELANGBAM CHAND SINGHIndian National Congress325
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