Meghalaya State Voters List in 2018 Assembly Constituency Wise PDF Download

Meghalaya State Voters List in 2018 Assembly Constituency Wise PDF Download:

There are totally 60 assembly constituencies across the districts of Meghalaya state with 55 seats reserved for STs.

Previously the Meghalaya state Legislative Assembly election was held on 23rd February 2013 for electing the 60 Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) and in that election Indian National Congress had won 29 seats and Mukul Sangma became the Chief minister.

The Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya provides the updated electoral rolls for all the 60 assembly constituencies along with the polling stations list that had been recently released on 1st January 2018 by the Election Commission of India.

According to the electoral rolls released by the Election Commission of India dated 1st January 2018 in the state of Meghalaya there are about 18,30,104 electors and 3082 polling stations across the 60 assembly constituencies.

How To Check Meghalaya Voters List:

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: Select the Particular Assembly Constituency from the list

Step 3: Select the Part Name of the Assembly Constituency

Step 4: Voters List PDF File will be displayed

Step 5: If required press the Download button to get the voters list copy

Constituency Wise Meghalaya State Electoral Rolls:

1-Nartiang (ST) 31-Mawthadraishan (ST)
2-Jowai (ST) 32-Nongstoin (ST)
3-Raliang (ST) 33-Rambrai Jyrngam (ST)
4-Mowkaiaw (ST) 34-Mawshynrut (ST)
5-Sutnga Saipung (ST) 35-Ranikor (ST)
6-Khliehriat (ST) 36-Mawkyrwat (ST)
7-Amlarem (ST) 37-Kharkutta (ST)
8-Mawhati (ST) 38-Mendipathar (ST)
9-Nongpoh (ST) 39-Resubelpara (ST)
10-Jirang (ST) 40-Bajengdoba (ST)
11-Umsning (ST) 41-Songsak (ST)
12-Umroi (ST) 42-Rongjeng (ST)
13-Mawrengkneng (ST) 43-Willamnagar (ST)
14-Pynthorumkhrah (GEN) 44-Raksamgre (ST)
15-Mawlai (ST) 45-Tikrikilla (ST)
16-East-Shillong (ST) 46-Phulbari (GEN)
17-North-Shillong (ST) 47-Rajabala (GEN)
18-West-Shillong (GEN) 48-Selsella (ST)
19-South-Shillong (GEN) 49-Dadenggre (ST)
20-Mylliem (ST) 50-North Tura (ST)
21-Nongthymmai (ST) 51-South Tura (ST)
22-Nongkrem (ST) 52-Rangsakona (ST)
23-Sohiong (ST) 53-Ampathi (ST)
24-Mawphlang (ST) 54-Mahendraganj (ST)
25-Mawsynram (ST) 55-Salmanpara (ST)
26-Shella (ST) 56-Gambegre (ST)
27-Pynursla (ST) 57-Dalu (ST)
28-Sohra (ST) 58-Rongara Siju (ST)
29-Mawkynrew (ST) 59-Chokpot (ST)
30-Mairang (ST) 60-Baghmara (ST)


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