No Darshan Fee – Check From List of Thousand Temples in TamilNadu

temnpleUpon TNHRCE suspending fee collection of Special Entry charges or darshan to see god of the Deity in all of one hundred and forty two special Temples in the state of Tamil Nadu

This is the verdict comes out after the case filed in madurai bench high court to prevent spl fes in temples.

The exclusive fees varying from five to two hundred are collected in several tamilnadu kovil for immediate instant or fast darshan

For sometime from back there is a temporary suspension of fee collection in temples in tamilnadu. On the other hand the government lay rules allocating special funds to the well being of the temple service mens and the temple welfare.

Here is the list of famous popular temples in tamilnadu check your wishy god of temple where the fee is not collected.

Aabathsahayeswarar Temple Panchavarneeswarar Temple
Aabatsahayeswarar Temple Panchavarneeswarar temple
Aabatsayayeswarar Pandanai Nalloorar Shiva Temple
Aadavalla Eswarar Temple Pandava Dhootha Perumal Temple
Aadi Kumbeswarar Temple Pandeesar temple
Aaduturai Perumaal Temple Pannipakkam Mahadevar Temple
Aanjaneyar Temple Papavinasar Temple
Aatmanathar Temple Parameswaraswami temple
Aatmanatheswarar Temple Paranthurai Eswarar Temple
Aava Urani Kalli Amman Temple Paridiyappar Temple
Abayapradhana Ranganathar temple Parijatavaneswarar Temple
Abhirameswarar temple Parimala Ranganathar Temple
Abhirami Amritaghateswarar Temple Parthasarathy Perumal temple
Abhirami Kalahastheeswarar Temple Parthasarathy Temple
Achchaladheepeswarar temple Pasupateeswarar Temple
Adhi Madyarjuneswarar temple Pasupateswarar Temple
Adhidheeswarar Temple Pasupatheeswarar temple
Adhimoolanathaswamy temple Pasupathi Nathar Temple
Adhimoolaperumal temple Pasupati Nathar Temple
Adi Jagannatha Temple Pataladri Narasimhar Temple
Adi Kesava Perumal Temple Pataleswarar Temple
Adi Parasakthi Temple Patanjaleeswaraswamy temple
Adikesava Perumal Temple Patanjali Manoharar Temple
Adikesava Perumal temple Pathangeeswarar Temple
Adinarayana Perumal temple Pattabhiramar Tample
Adinathaswami Temple Pattabiramar Templ
Adiratneswarar Temple Pattani Ayyanar Temple
Aeri Katha Ramar Temple Patteeswarar Temple
Agastheeswarar Temple Patteeswaraswami Temple
Agastheeswaraswamy Temple Pattinathar Temple
Agastyar Temple Pavalavarneeswarar Temple
Agneeswarar Temple Payaraneeswaraswamy temple
Airavata esvara Temple Pazhampathi Naathar Temple
Airavateeswarar Temple Perarulalan Perumal Temple
Airavatesvara Temple Perumal Temple
Airavateswarar Temple Perumangalam Temple
Akshaya Lingeswarar Temple Pichaleeswarar Temple
Aksheeswaraswamy Temple Pichandeeswarar Temple
Alagarswamy Temple Pidari Selliamman Temple
Alwar Temple Piriya Eswarar Temple
Amanalingeswarar temple Pon Madaswamy Temple
Amarapaneeswarar Temple Pon Vaidyanatheswarar Temple
Amarapatheeswarar Temple Ponnambalanathaswamy temple
Ambalavana Eswarar Temple Poolanandheeswarar Temp!e
Ambaleeswaraaswamy Temple Poomal Vaidyanathan Temple
Ambravananathar Temple Poongavanaththamman temple
Ammaiappar Temple Poovannanathaswami Temple
Ammainathaswami Temple Poyya Vinayagar temple
Amritaghateswarar Temple Pradeeswarar Temple
Amritakaleswarar Temple Pradigangeswarar Temple
Amudeswarar Temple Pralayakaleeswarar temple
Anaikatha Perumal Temple Pralayanathaswamy Temple
Ananta Padmanabhaswamy Temple Prana Nathar Temple
Anantheeswarar Temple Prasanna Eswarar Temple
Anantheeswaraswamy temple Prasanna Venkata Narasimhaswamy Temple
Andal and Vadapatrasayee Temple Prasanna Venkatachalapathy temple
Anekathanga Paadeswarar Temple Prasanna Venkataramana Perui
Angalamman temple Prasanna Venkataramanaswami temple
Anjaneyar Temple Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Temple
Anna Kamatchi Amman temple Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal temple
Appakkudathan Temple Prasanna Venkateswara Temple
Apparswamy Temple Pundarikakshar Temple
Araianinatheswarar temple Punnainallur Mariamman Temple
Arangulanathar temple Punnainallur Ramar Temple
Aranya Sundareswarar Temple Punyakoteeswarar Temple
Arappaliswarar temple of Kollimalai Purambaya Naathar Temple
Arasilinathar Temple Puratana Vaneswarar
Aratturai Nathar Temple Purushottama Perumal temple
Aravindalochanar Temple Purushottaman Temple
Ardhanareeswarar Temple Pushpagireeswarar Temple
Ardhanareeswarar temple Pushparatha Eswarar Temple
Ardhanariswarar Temple Pushpavana Naathar
Ardhanatheswarar Temple Pushpavaneswarar
Ariyathamman temple Puthrakameswarar temple
Arulmigu Angala Parameshwari Temple Putrankondeeswarar Temple
Arulmigu Maya KrishnaSwamy Temple Anandanager Rajadirajeswarar Temple
Arulvalla Nathar Temple Rajagopala Temple
Arunachaleswarar Temple Rajagopalaswamy Temple
Aruneeswara temple Rajagopalperumal Temple
Ashta Lakshmi Temple Rajarajeswari Temple
Ashtabuja Perumal Temple Rajendra Choleeswarar Temple
Avanashi Lingeswarar Temple Rama
Ayikudi Balasubramania Swami Templeat Ayikudi Rama Temple
Aymoortheswarar Temple Ramachandraswamy temple
Ayyappan Temple Ramalinga Chowdambigai Amman Temple
Azhagamman Temple Ramalingeswarar Temple
Azhaganathaperumal Temple Ramalingeswaraswamy Temple
Azhagiya Manavala Perumal Temple Ramanatha Eswarar Temple
Azhagiya Nambi Temple Ramanathar Temple
Azhagiya Perumal Temple Ramanathaswamy Temple
Azhagiyanathar Temple Ramanatheeswarar Temple
Azhagu Sadaimudi Nathar Temple Ramanatheeswarar temple
Badrakaliamman temple Ramaswamy Temple
Balamurugan temple Rameswaram Temple
Balandeeswarar Temple Ranganathaperumal Temple
Balasubramaniaswami temple Ranganathar Temple
Balasubramaniaswamy Hill temple Ranganathaswamy Hill temple
Balasubramanyaswamy Temple Ranganathaswamy Temple
Balasundareswarar Temple Ranganathaswamy tcmple
Balavinayagar Temple Ranganathaswamy temple
Bangaru Kamakshi Temple Rathnagireeswarar temple
Betrayaswami temple Ratnagireeswarar Temple
Bhagavati temple Ratnasabhapathi Temple
Bhagawan Temple Renukambal Temple
Bhaktavatsala Perumal Temple Rishabanadheeswarar temple
Bhaktavatsalaperumal Temple Sadaimudinathar Temple
Bhaktavatsalar Temple Sadasiva Murthy Temple
Bhashyakaraswamy and Adikesava Perumal Temple Sakala Bhuvaneswarar Temple
Bhimeswarar Temple Sakshinatheswarar Temple
Bhoomeeswaraswamy temple Saktagireeswarar Temple
Bhoominathaswamy Temple Sama Eswaraswamy Temple
Bhootapureeswarar Temple Samavedeeswarar temple
Bhoothalingaswamy Temple Sambamoortheeswarar temple
Bhoovarahaswamy temple Sampangi Pichandeeswarar Temple
Bhrammapureeswarar Temple Sangameswarar temple
Bhrammapureeswarar temple Sanjeevirayar temple
Bhulokanathaswamy Temple Sanjivarayar
Bindhu Madhavarayaswamy temple Sankaranarayanar Temple
Brahmapureeswarar temple Sankararameswarar Temple
Brihadeeswarar Temple Sankarunadeswarar Temple
Brihadishwara Temple Santanaramaswamy Temple
Brihadiswara Temple Santhaleeswarar Temple
Chakravaheswarar Temple Saptarishiswarar Temple
Champakeswarar Temple Saptharisheeswarar temple
Chamundeeswari Temple Saranathan Temple
Chamundeswari Temple Sarangapani Temple
Chandra Choodeswaraswami Hill Temple Saraveereswarar Temple
Chandraasekhareswarar Temple Sarguna Lingeswarar Temple
Chandramouleeswarar temple Sarguna Nathar Temple
Chandrasekharaswamy Temple Sarguna Natheswarar Temple
Chaturvedapureeswarar SargunaNathaSwamy Temple
Chenkanmaal Temple Sarpapureeswarar Temple
Chenna Malleeswarar – Chenna Kesava Temple Sathyagireeswarar Rock Cut temple
Chennakesava Perumal Temple Sathyanathaswamy Temple
Chenrayaperumal temple Satyagireeswarar Temple
Chidambaram Natarajar Temple Satyanarayana Perumal Temple
Chidambareswarar temple Satyanatheswarar Temple
Chidambareswaraswamy Temple Satyavageesar Temple
Chintamani Eeaswarar Temple Satyavageeswarar Temple
Chintamani Nathar Temple Sekkizharswamigal Temple
Chitaral Bhagavathi Amman Temple Sellandiamman temple
Chokkalingaperumal Temple Selva Vinayagar/Somasundareswarar Temple
Chokkanathar – Meenakshi Temple Semmeni Natheswarar Temple
Choleeswaraswami Temple Senchadaiappar Temple
Choleeswaraswamy Temple Senchadainathaswamy Temple
Damodara Perumal Temple Senneriappar Temple
Darbharanyeswarar Temple Servarayan temple
Dasavathara temple Shanbaga Eswaraswamy Temple
Deepaprakasa Perumal Temple Shanmukha temple
Deivanayaka Perumal Temple Shanmukhanathar Hill Cave Temple
Deivanayakaswamy Temple Shiva Temple
Desanadheeswarar Temple Shiva Vishnu Temple
Devadirajan Temple Shore Temple
Devanathaswamy temple Shri Baktha Varaprasadha Anjaneyar Ashram
Devapureeswarar Temple Shri Bhaktha Anjaneyar
Dhanameswarar Temple Siddhanathar Temple
Dhandapani Eswaraswamy Temple Siddheswarar Temple
Dhandayuthapani Temple Sindhakanneeswarar Temple
Dhandayuthapaniswamy temple Singaravelan Temple
Dharmalingeswaraswamy Temple Singeeswaraswamy Temple
Dharukavaneswarar temple Sishta Gurunatheswarar temple
Dhatteeswarar Temple Siva Kozhuntheeswarar Temple
Dhenupureeswarar Temple Siva-Vishnu Devasthanam
Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple Dhyanalinga Sivagiri Temple
Edaganathaswamy Temple Sivakkozhundeeswarar Temple
Ekambareswarar Temple Sivaloganatha Eswarar temple
Ekambareswarar and Dhandayudhapaniswamy temple Sivaloka Tyagarajar Temple
Ekambranathar Temple Sivalokatyagesar Temple
Ekambreswarar Temple Sivanandeswarar Temple
Ekavalliamman Temple Sivapuranathar Temple
Ellamman Temple Sivapureeswarar temple
Erumbeeswarar Hill temple Somanaatheswarar Temple
Eswaran Temple Gobichettipalayam Somanatha Devar Temple
Etteeswarar Temple Somanathaswamy Temple
Ezhuththari Natheswarar Temple Somanatheswarar Temple
Gajagiri Venkatesa Srinivasa Perumal Hill temple Someswarar Temple
Gajendra Varada Perumal Temple Someswaraswamy Temple
Ganapateeswarar Temple Sopureswarar Temple
Ganapati Temple Soundara Raja Perumal Temple
Gangadhareswarar Temple Soundararaja Perumal Temple
Gangaleeswarar temple Soundareswarar Temple
Gnanambigai Sametha Kalatheeswara Swamy Temple Sowmya Damodara Perumal Temple
Gnanapureeswarar Temple Sowmya Narayana Perumal Temple
Gopinathaswamy Temple Sowriraja Perumal Temple
Govindaraja Perumal Temple Sree Tali Parameswarar Temple
Guruvayoorappan Temple Sreetalinathar Temple
Hanuman Temple Sreevaikunthanathar Temple
Hanumantharayaswamy Temple Sri Aadhi Kamatchi Amman Temple
Hayavadhana Perumal Temple Sri Angala Parameswari Kovil
Idaichuranathar Temple Sri Balamurugan Kovil
Idaiyatreeswarar Temple Sri Boomi Neela Devi Sametha Sri sundaraja perumal
Indreswarar Temple Sri Dharamaraja Kovil
Jagadeeswarar Temple Sri Gangaiamman Kovil
Jagannatha Perumal Temple Sri Karanukara Perumal Sridevi Poodevi
Jagannathar Temple Sri Lakshmi Kubera Temple
Jalakandeeswarar and Ranganadhaswamy Devasthanam Sri Muthumariamman Kovil
Jalakanteswarar Fort Temple Sri Nagaranthiran Kovil
Jalandheeswaraswamy temple Sri Ponniamman Kovil
Jambukeswarar Temple Sri Sidhibudhi Vingayar Kovil
Jambukeswaraswamy Temple Sri Srinivasa Perumal Kovil Bajanai Madam
Janamejaya Eswarar Temple Sri Subramaniyaswamy
Jayamkandanathar Temple Sri Subramaniyaswamy Murugar Kovil
KApaleeshwarar Temple Sri Sundhareswarar & Sri Soundharaambigai Kovil
Kaalakandeswarar Temple Sri Vempadi vingayar
Kachabeswarar Temple Sri poongavanam Mahalakshmi temple
Kadaimudi Naatheswarar Temple Srinivasa Perumal Temple
Kadambanathar Temple Srinivasa perumal Temple
Kadambavaneswarar temple Srinivasaperumal Temple
Kadhali Narasinga Perumal Temple Srinivasar Temple
Kadu Hanumanthaswami temple Sriranganathar Temple
Kaichhinanathar Temple Stalasayana Perumaal Temple
Kailasanatha Temple Sthambeswarar cave temple
Kailasanathar Sthanumalayaswami Temple
Kailasanathar Temple Subramaniyaswamy Temple
Kailasanathar temple Subramanya Swami Hill Temple
Kailasanathaswamy Temple Subramanya Swami Temple
Kalamega Perumal Temple Subramanya Swamy Temple
Kalarmulai Natheswarar Temple Subramanyaswamy Temple
Kalatheeswaraswamy Temple Sudar Kozhuntheeswarar Temple
Kalayar Kovil Tirukaanapper Sivaganga district Paada Sudhapureeswarar Temple
Kaleeswarar Temple Sugavaneswarar Temple
Kali Bari Temple Sugreeswarar temple
Kaliamman Temple Sundara Varadaraja Perumal Temple
Kaliamman temple Sundararaja Perumal Temple
Kalikaambaal Temple Sundaravarada Narayanaswamy Temple
Kalingesanathar Temple Sundaravaradar Temple
Kaliyuga Varadharajaperumal temple Sundareswarar Temple
Kaliyuga Venkatesa Perumal Temple Sundareswarar temple
Kallapiranswami Temple Sundareswaraswamy Temple
Kallazhagar Temple Swarna Kaleswarar Temple
Kalluppalam Sivan Temple Swarnagateswarar Temple
Kalyana Narasinga Perumal Temple Swarnamurtheeswarar Temple
Kalyana Pasupatheeswarar temple Swarnapureeswarar Temple
Kalyana Varadarajaperumal Temple Swarnapureeswarar temple
Kalyana Varadarajaswamy Temple Swarnapureeswaraswamy temple
Kalyana Varadharaja Perumal Temple Paruthiyur Swayambu Nathar Temple
Kalyana Venkataramanaswamy Hill/Cave temple Swayambunadheeswarar temple
Kalyana Vikirtheeswarar Temple Swayambunathaswamy Temple
Kalyanasundarar Temple Swayamprakasaswamy temple
Kamakshi Amman – Mallikarjuna temple Swetaranyeswarar Temple
Kamakshi Amman Temple Syambulingeswarar Temple
Kamakshiamman Temple Taantonreeswarar Temple
Kamalanathar Temple Talaichankadu Perumal Temple
Kamanatheeswarar temple Tandaveswaraswami Temple
Kambahareswarar Temple Tanjaipureeswarar Temple
Kambaraya Perumal Temple Tayumanavar Hill Temple
Kampahareswarar Temple Tazhuvakkozhuntheeswarar Temple
Kanakagireeswarar Hill temple Tenkudi Mariamman Temple
Kanda Kottam Temple Tennazhagar Temple
Kandakottam – Kandaswamy Temple Thalapureeswarar/Kripanadheesar Temple
Kandaswamy Temple Thanda Naicken Kottai temples
Kandhaswami temple Thanthondreeswarar temple
Kangeeswarar temple Thanthonreeswarar Temple
Kannayiranathar Temple Theembaladhipar Temple
Kanneeswarar Temple Theerthagiriswarar temple
Kanyakumari Temple Theertheswarar Temple
Kapaleeshwarar temple Thinthirineeswarar temple
Karaneeswarar Temple Thiru Appudayar Temple
Kari Varadarajaswamy Temple Thiru Kaaliswarar temple
Kariamanicka Perumal Temple Thiruchendur Murugan temple
Karikrishnaperumal Temple Thirukkanmaaleeswarar temple
Karincharanyeswarar Temple Thirukumaraswarny temple
Karkatakeswarar Temple Thirumoolanathaswamy temple
Karpaga Vinayakar Thirumuruganathaswamy temple
Karpakeswarar Temple Thiruppunavasal Viruthapureeshwarar Pazhampathinatha
Karparatchambigai temple Thiruthalinathar Temple
Karumariamman Temple Thiruvarut Kaleeswarar
Karumbai amman Temple Thiruvenkadanatha Perumal Temple
Kasi Viswanatha Swami Temple Tilakeswarar and Kadaladaitha Perumal Temple
Kasi Viswanathar Temple Tillai Vilagam Temple
Kasi Viswanathar temple Tillaiamman Temple
Kasi Viswanathaswamy Temple Tirisoolanathar Temple
Kasi Viswanathaswamy temple Tiru Gokarneswarar Rock Cut temple
Kasibanathar Temple Tiruavinankudi Murugan Temple
Kaya Nirmaleswaraswami temple Tiruchirupuliyur Chalasayana Perumal Temple
Kayarohaneswarar Temple Tirukaleeswarar Temple
Kazhugachalamurthy Temple Tirukameeswarar Temple
Kazhumalainathaswamy temple Tirukkalleswarar Temple
Kedareeswarar Temple Tirukkandeeswarar Temple
Kediliyappar Temple Tirukkolur Temple
Kodandaraman Temple Tirukkozhuntheeswarar Temple
Kodandaramaswamy Temple Tirukkulandai Temple
Kokileswarar Temple Tirukodikaval Eswarar
Komaleswarar Temple Tirumagaraleeswarar Temple
Kondathu Kaliamman temple Tirumal Eswarar Temple
Koneswarar Temple Tirumalai Kumaraswamy Temple
Koniamman temple Tirumalai Mahadevar Temple
Konkaneswarar Temple Tirumalleeswarar Temple
Koodalazhagar Temple Tirumalleeswaraswamy Temple
Koorattalwar Temple Tirumanangeeswaraswamy Temple
Koteeswarar Temple Tirumanimadam NarayananTemple
Kothandaramaswami temple Tirumarainathar Temple
Kotravaleeswarar Temple Tirumeniazhagar Temple
Kottai Mariamman temple Tirumeninathaswamy Temple
Koumariamman Temple Tirumetraleeswarar Temple
Kozhuntheeswarar Temple Tirumoolanathaswamy Temple
Kripakoopareswarar Temple Tirunaaraiyur Temple
Krishnaswamy Temple Tirunageeswarar Temple
Krupapureeswarar temple Tirunalloor Perumanam Temple
Kudamaadu Koothan Temple Tirunandikkarai Mahadevar Temple
Kudanthai Kaaronam Temple Tirunatheeswarar Temple
Kumaragiri Dhandayuthapani temple Tirunavaleswarar
Kumarar Temple Tiruppaleeswarar Temple
Kumpeeswaraswamy Temple Tiruppartanpalli Perumal Temple
Kundrakudi Murugan Temple Tiruppatisaram Venkatachalapathi Temple
Kuntalanatheswarar Temple Tirupperai Temple
Kusalavapureeswarar Temple Tiruppulingudi Temple
Kutralanathar Temple Tiruthatakeswarar Temple
Kutram Poruttha Natheswarar Temple Tiruttaleeswarar Temple
Kuttamporutteeswarar Temple Tiruttankal Temple
Kuzhandhai Velayudhaswami temple Tiruvalankaadu Temple
Lakshmi Kamakshi Amman Temple Tiruvaleeswarar Temple
Lakshmi Narasimha Temple Tiruvalleeswarar Temple
Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy Temple Tiruvalluva Nayanar Temple
Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Temple Tiruvaragunamangai
Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple Tiruvatteeswarar Temple
Lakshmi Narayanaswamy Temple Tiruverumbeeswarar Temple
Lavaneeswarar Temple Tiruvinga Naathar Temple
Lavapureeswarar Temple Tolaiyachelvar Shiva Temple
Lokanatha Perumal Temple Totadrinathar Temple
Maadakkovil Temple Trilokanatheswarar Temple
Maakaala Naathar Temple Trippanniyode Mahadevar Temple
Maakaala Nathar Temple Tripparappu Mahadevar Temple
Maamani Temple Tripurantakaswamy Temple
Maantheeswarar Temple Trivikrama Temple
Maatrari Varadar Temple Turai Kattum Vallal Temple
Madhava Perumal Temple Tuyar Teertha Nathar Temple
Madhuvaneswaraswamy Temple Tyagaraja Temple
Madhya Kailasha Temple Tyagarajar Temple
Madhyagnanacbidambareswarar temple Tyagarajaswamy Temple
Madhyarjuneswaraswamy temple Uchi Natheswarar Temple
Madurakaliamman temple Uchi Pillaiyar Temple
Magudeswarar and Veeranarayana Perumal Temple Udaiyaar Temple
Mahadevar Temple Udayavar Temple
Mahakaleeswarar Temple Udvahanatheswarar Temple
Mahalakshmeeswarar Temple Ugra Kaliamman Temple
Mahalingaswamy Temple Ujjaini Om Kaliamman temple
Mahalingeswarar Temple Ujjivanathaswamy Hill temple
Malleeswarar Temple Ulagalanda Perumaal Temple
Mallikeswarar Temple Ulagalandha Perumal Temple
Manattunai Nathar Temple Umamaheswarar Temple
Manavaleeswarar Temple Unnathapureeswarar Temple
Mandakkad Bhagawathi Amman Temple Uppiliappan temple
Mandaleswarar Temple Uthamar temple
Mandhiragiri Yelayudhaswami temple Uthira Ranganadhaswamy temple
Manendiappar Temple Uttara Vedeeswarar Temple
Mangalanathaswami Temple Vaaleeswarar Temple
Mangaleswarar Temple Vaaleeswaraswamy temple
Manikandeeswarar temple Vaaseesar Temple
Manikka Varadar Temple Vacheeswarar Temple
Manikkavannar Temple Vadamoolanathar Temple
Manneeswarar Temple Vadapalani Andavar Temple
Manneeswarar temple Vadivazhagiya Nambi Temple
Mantrapureeswarar Temple Vaideeswaran Temple
Maragadheeswarar Hill temple Vaidyanathaswamy Temple
Maragadheeswarar temple Vaidyanathaswamy temple
Margabandhuswami Temple Vaikal Natheswarar
Mariamman Temple Vaikunta Perumal Temple
Mariamman temple Vaikuntaperumal Temple
Marimersakthi Temple Vaikuntavasa Perumal temple
Markandeeswarar Temple Vaikuntha Natha Perumal Temple
Marthandeswaram Temple Vaimurnathar Temple
Marudagangeswarar Templ Vairavanathar Temple
Marudavaneswarar Temple Vajrasthampeswarar Temple
Marundeeswarar Temple Valakarutheeswarar Temple
Marundeeswararswamy temple Valampurinathar Temple
Masilamaneeswarar Temple Valeeswarar Temple
Mathuraivaneswarar temple Valeeswaraswamy temple
Mayuranathaswami Temple Vallabha Vinayakar Temple
Mayuranathaswamy Temple Vallalar Temple
Meenakshi Somadundareswarar Temple Vallalar Temple or Ramalinga Adigalar tirukovil
Meenakshi Sundareswarar Hill temple Vallanadheeswarar temple
Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple Valleeswaraswamy Temple
Mela Thiruvenkatanathapuram or Thirunankovil Valmikanathaswamy Temple
Moolai Hanuman Temple Valvil Ramar Temple
Moolanathar Temple Vamanapuriswarar temple
Moolanathaswamy Temple Vanamamalai Temple
Mukkona Natheswarar Temple Vanamutti perumal
Muktapureeswarar Temple Vanjeeswarar Temple
Mukteeswarar Temple Vanmikanathar Temple
Mukteswarar Temple Varadaraja Perumal Temple
Muktheeswarar Temple Varadaraja Perumal temple
Mulanathaswamy Temple Varadaraja Prasanna Venkatachalapathy temple
Mullaivananathar Temple Varadharaja Perumal Temple
Mundaka Kanni Amman Temple Varageeswarar Temple
Munimuktheeswaraswamy temple Varaguna Pandeesar Temple
Munkudimi Eswarar Temple Varamurthi Eswarar Temple
Murugeswaraswamy Temple Varasiddhi Vinayakar Temple
Muththeesar Temple Vasishteswaram Temple
Muthukumaraswamy Temple Vasudevar Temple
Muthumariamman Temple Vatukeswarar Temple
Muyarchinathar Temple Vayalur Murugan temple
Nachiar Kovil Temple Vedagiriswarar Temple
Nadhareeswarar Temple Vedanathar Temple
Nadutariappar Temple Vedapureeswarar Temple
Naganandeeswarar Temple Vedaraja Perumal Temple
Naganathar Temple Vedaranyeswarar Templeat Tirumaraikkadu
Naganathaswamy Temple VeeraSekarar Umayambigai Temple Sakkottai
Nagarajar Temple Veerabadraswamy Temple
Nageswarar Temple Veerakumaraswami temple
Nageswaraswamy Temple Veeramarthandeswarar Temple
Nallamangaibagaswamy Hill Temple Veeranar and Iyenar Temple
Nallandavar temple Veeranarayana Perumal temple
Nandeeswarar Temple Veeraraghavaswami Temple
Nandikeswarar Temple Veerattaneswarar Temple
Nanjundeswarar Temple Veeratteswarar Temple
Narasimhaswamy Cave Temple Veeratteswarar temple
Nariswarar temple Veeravaranathaswamy Temple
Narumpunanathaswami Temple Veetrirunda Perumal Temple
Natarajar Temple Velappaswamy Temple
Natrunaiappar Temple Velayudhaswami temple
Nattaththeeswaran Koil Velimalai Kumaran Temple
Natturayaswamy temple Velladainathar Temple
Nava pashaana Lingeswara Temple Vellai Vinayagar Temple – 108 Vinayagar
Navaneeta Krishnan Temple Velleeswarar Temple
Navapashanam Temple Vellimala Balasubramania Swami Temple
Neel Neri Nathar Vellimalai Nathar Temple
Neelakandeswarar Temple Velljyangiri and Poondi Temples
Neelakantar Temple Vellore Golden temple
Neelakantaswamy Temple Vendurai Nathar Temple
Neelakanteswarar Temple Vengeeswarar Temple
Neelamega Perumal Temple Venkatachalapathy Temple
Neelivaneswaraswamy temple Venkatachalapati Temple
Neer Vanna Perumal Temple Venkataramanaswamy temple
Nellaiappar Temple Venkatesa Perumal Temple
Nelli Vananathar Temple Venkatesa Perumal temple
Nellivana Natheswarar Temple Venkateswara Temple
Neri Kaattiya Nayakar Temple Venkateswarar Temple
Netrapaneswarar Temple Vennaiappar Temple
Netrothdwarakeswarar temple Vennikkarumbar Temple
Neyyadiappar Temple Venugopalaswamy Temple
Nitya Sundareswarar Temple Vijaya Ganapathy Temple
Nityakalyanaperumal Temple Vijaya Varadaraja Perumal Temple
Nootretteeswarar Temple Vijayalaya Choleeswarar Cave Temple
Onakantheswarar Temple Vijayanathar Temple
Oonreeswarar Temple Vijayaraghava Perumal Temple
Othanda Eswarar Temple Vijayaraghavaswamy Temple
Paalaivananathar Temple Vilvavananathaswamy Temple
Paalugantha Naathar Temple Vilvavaneswarar Temple
Paalvanna Natheswarar Vinayagar and Subramaniar Temple
Paambureswarar Temple Vinayakar Temple
Paarvateeswarar Temple Virabadra Swamy Temple
Paataaleswarar Temple Viranarayanaperuinal temple
Pachaivarna Perumal Temple Virunditta Eswarar Temple
Padikkasalitta Eswarar Temple Virupaksheeswarar Temple
Palaasavana Nathar Temple Viswanathar Temple
Palani Andavar temple Viswanathaswami Temple
Palani Temple – Lord Muruga Temple Vriddagireeswarar Temple
Palayamsalai Kumaraswamy Temple Vriddhachaleeswarar temple
Paleeswarar Temple Vridhapureeswarar Temple
Pallavaneeswarar Temple Vyagrapadeeswarar temple
Pallavavaneswarar Temple Vyagrapureeswarar Temple
Palvannanathaswamy Temple Yaazhmuri Naathar Temple
Pana Mudeeswarar Temple Yadothakara Perumal Temple
Panankatteeswarar Temple Yoga Anjaneyaswamy Temple
Panchanatheeswarar Temple Yoga Narasimhar Temple
Panchanatheswarar Yoganandar Temple
Panchanatheswarar Temple Tiru Aadanoor Temple
Panchavadi-Panchamuga Anjaneyar Temple keezha thiruvenkatanathapuram
Panchavananaathaswami Temple
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