Official Gazetted Holidays in Goa for Goans

Goa celebrates the following festivals of religion, country, anniversary, and so on.

In the very beginning of the new year comes the Republic Day that which honors the date on 26th january when the Indian constitution was formed replacing the Government of India Act as the ruling document of India. This main Republic Day celebrations is conducted in the city of New Delhi, the capital city of India, at Rajpath in the presence of the Indian President. Big parades will be scheduled at the Rajpath as a tribute to the country. For the calendar year of Goa in 2018 it falls on Friday.

Followed by which in the month of february falls the Maha Shivaratri is one big Hindu festival. It is otherwise called as “Great Night of Shiva.” Goa government declared this as a gazetted holiday where several people have the day off. Government offices and shopping stores go closed. This holiday event represents the auspicious day Shiva marrying his wife, Parvati, symbolizing a spiritual wedding. Falls on tuesday, the 13th february in 2018, Maha Shivaratri is observed with full enthusiasm.

Holi is a colorful festival that shows the love and affection between one another. It is again a major Hindu festival generally falls during the months of March & February each year. Holi is a 2-day spring festival with the former called as Holika Dahan and the latter as Rangawali Holi. It is expected to fall on 2nd march 2018 this year in 2018.

The gazetted holiday of goa, Good Friday festival is for christians which denotes the final hours of Jesu’s life, his death & crucifixion. The followers of christ in the goa state participate in special church and mass services. All Christians conduct parades in order to present the final days. Local, state & national government offices, banks, shops & post offices will be shut on Good Friday. The private businesses and stores owner owned by Christians might be closed or have shortened working hours. Good Friday is to be celebrated on 30th March on Friday.

Bank holiday in goa is on 1st April falling on sunday this year in 2018. It is an annual bank account closing day for Goans.

B R Ambedkar Jayanti comes on 14th of every april on calendar year. B R Ambedkar Birthday is observed to honor the memory of BR Ambedkar. In the year 1891, the day denotes the birthday of BR Ambedkar. This is also the official general public holiday all over the country now falls on saturday.

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