Parents refused to adopt a child, but angry son did it.

All of you must have seen the Bollywood film Sholay. The scenes filmed in this film will be very well remembered in which actor Dharmendra (Veeru) climbs the water tank due to Honey Malini, who refused to give Hema Malini’s hand in her hand. Viru says to aunty that she will not fall down until she gives Basanti’s hand in her hand. Similar scenes were found on Monday in Telangana.

A 35-year-old man inspired by this scene in Mothakur, Telangana did the same. However, after 10 years of doing so, he went against the wishes of the family and got married to his girlfriends. The name of the person is D Upendra Chari. Who had married her girlfriends 10 years ago against the will of the family. The family was in agreement with this marriage because her girlfriends were of another race. Since then, they had kept distance from both.

Things changed when two children were born in pairs. After this Chari went to the family with his children. Although Chary’s family refused to enter his wife and children inside the house. After which he climbed a cellphone tower and threatened if the family does not accept his marriage, he will jump down. Soon the villagers gathered under the tower and with the help of local police, Chari was lowered. The police explained the victim and family and sent home.

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