PM modi wife injured and other top stories of the day : February 7, 2018

PM modi wife injured and other top stories of the day : February 7, 2018

PM Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben injured in car accident PM Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben injured in car accident It was not immediately known what caused the accident. Jashodaben was returning to …. Read full story by NDTV

PM Modi’s wife injured in accident

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben has been injured in an accident in Rajasthan, the police have said. One person has reportedly died in the accident, which took place on the Kota-Chittor highway.

New Honda Amaze, CR-V and Civic unveiled

Honda has unveiled the new Amaze and Civic in India. The new Amaze is the new generation model and gets a massive change in terms of styling as it is now closer to bigger brother Honda City. The lines are bold and now differentiates itself from the Brio. The new Amaze also gets new interiors with more features and that makes it a real value package. Read full story by Motor Trend India

Ileana D’Cruz opens up on marriage rumours: It’s pretty much there for the world to see

It was in December last year that Ileana D’Cruz took everyone by surprise when she referred to boyfriend Andrew Kneebone as ‘hubby’ on Instragram. Around Christmas, the Raid actor posted a picture of her and wrote, “Photo by hubby @andrewkneebonephotography.” Read full story by India Today

Maldives crisis: China editorial slams India, warns against intervention

As India expressed growing concern on the situation in the Maldives, an editorial in a Chinese newspaper on Wednesday said India had no justification for intervening even as it hit out at India’s strong desire to control South Asian countries. Read full story by India Today

7th Pay Commission: 50 lakh central government employees may soon enjoy a pay hike

In yet another addition to the list of benefits enjoyed by central government employees, the Narendra Modi-led government may soon increase the salary of lower-level officials, from matrix level 1 to 5, and go beyond the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. Read full story by International Business Times

UK visa: Indians to be charged double for health

The health surcharge that Indian professionals, students and others have to pay while applying for a UK visa for six months or more will double from later this year, raising the overall cost of the travel document. Read full story by Hindustan Times

Vadivelu in big trouble

Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikecei was a landmark film in actor Vadivelu’s film career. Post the success of the historical comedy film, Vadivelu decided to do several films as a solo lead. However, those films failed miserably at the box-office. Read full story by India Today

Did Melania just swat Trump’s hand again? 

As the first lady and President Trump departed the White House for Ohio on Monday afternoon, some eagle-eyed Twitter users thought they spotted Mrs. Trump ever so subtly evading her husband’s latest hand-holding efforts. Read full story provided by People

Marriage or Career: Which is more important to your zodiac sign?

It’s an ideal that not many of us can live up to, especially since we have so many unrealistic expectations of what the “ideal” should look like. Life is never perfect, and we often fail to appreciate what we’ve got while we’ve got it. Read full story by YourTango

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9 Replies to “PM modi wife injured and other top stories of the day : February 7, 2018”

  • Kitne Baar Modi Has Touch the feat of Royals & Kings of Saudis. to Beg that Award. U Knew A Begggar is Always A Beggar. How Many time he touch the feat of Adani Wife? As A PM No one stoop so low like a beggar.

    Adani Ki Wife Ka Age 45 Yrs. Hai Aur Modi Ka Age 66 Yrs. Can 66 Yrs Old Budda Touch the feat of 45 Yrs Old Girl??? Yehi Ap Ka Baaba Mandir mein sikhaya kya…Kaunsa Ram Ye Formula Diya? Khabar pe rahega ram ja kar pucho?

  • Irony Just Committed Suicide! Coming From A Lobby That Drags
    Amit Shah’s Son
    Justice Loya’s Son
    PM Modi’s Wife, Jashodaben

    Just To Score Brownie Points Against Their Perceived Enemy PM Narendra Modi? Keep Calm And Believe In Karma

  • How sad, pathetic and full of resentment are the lives of those who heap venom on the children of their perceived enemies to destroy youthful careers. How awful they are, how sick, how mindless, how evil

    Same things apply to those who Tried to defame Modi & His Wife
    Broken relationship … Looks like
    Your are getting the taste of your Own medicine now ..

  • PM Modi’s Wife Jashodaben Has Narrow Escape As Her Car Hits Truck In Rajasthan – NDTV

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben had a narrow escape when an Innova car she was travelling in, rammed a truck near Chittor, Rajasthan. Of the seven occupants of the vehicle, one died and three others were injured. The vehicle was completely smashed.

  • Someone should ask Shashi: How come Jashodaben is PM Modi’s wife, but Mrs Vadra is Priyanka Gandhi
    Sycophancy much?

    Why you are so sympathetic fake feminist? Where were you when both husband & wife were targeting Modi for 2002, even after the judgment came? Where were you when these bimbos questioning the PM’s educational qualifications even after the university’s clarification?

  • Dear bhakt, still remember how “we”ppl forced PM Modi to share his degree certificates.His relationship with his wife and all those personal matters which he still hides and dodges unlike @sardesairajdeep .Hope you got the point

  • Sagarika Ghose standing in front of mirror, cursing herself for heaping venom on the mother and wife of her perceived enemy PM Modi.
    I’m glad Sagarika that you realized

  • Sure they can target justice Loya’s son whom even after pleading to leave him alone was harassed by these same people just to fill their stomachs. And below the belt attack using PM Modi’s estranged wife’s accident?? They were not personal??

  • Saga and rajdeep involving PM modi’s wife in every matter is “asking hard questions “ but someone asking about the truth of education fraud which is happening under the nose of so-called journalists is “bullying kids”
    What sagarika and rajdeep had to do with modi’s family?

    It’s not good particularly mudslinging one’s family at the time of controversies. But when you’ve a pen & hand 2 write & readers 2 read, u should only write what’s allowed in the ethics of journalism. Though my beats 4 Ishaan, arrogance of his parents need 2b rested for good.

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