PM Narendra Modi Tamil Nadu Visit – Hashtag #GoBackModi Trending Top in Twitter

PM Narendra Modi Tamil Nadu Visit – Hashtag #GoBackModi Trending Top in Twitter:

For the inauguration ceremony of DefExpo 2018 on 12th April 2018, Thursday at Thiruvidanthai near Chennai of Tamilnadu state Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived.

Security had been tightened for the visit of PM Narendra Modi to launch Defence Expo 2018 in Chennai.

From Chennai airport Prime Minister Narendra Modi moves to reach Mahabalipuram in a helicopter for the Defence Expo 2018.

Later Prime Minister Narendra Modi will head to IIT-Madras campus in a helicopter and from there he will reach Adyar Cancer Institute to inaugurate a variety of infrastructure projects

After the end of function at Cancer Institute Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reach the Chennai airport in a helicopter to leave for Delhi in an Indian Air Force flight.

In Chennai various Tamilians, opposition parties of Tamilnadu like DMK, MDMK, PMK, Naam Tamilar Katchi and others planned for to wave black flags to the Prime Minister to condemn the Centre’s failure to form the Cauvery Management Board CMB.

In Twitter hashtag named #GoBackModi had been created and had been in the Top position of Twitter for India against Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrival to Tamilnadu state and the delay of Central Government on setting up the Cauvery Management Board CMB.

49 minutes ago

Inside IIT – students showing placards by wearing black dress demanding .


Dear TN parties and ambitious actors, with campaign n by putting pressure to constitute CMB which SC declined, you are provoking Kannadiga’s Asmita n self respect. It’s dangerous if v hit the street like u.



You have planned to travel through airway but we have other ideas 



Come with Cauvery, otherwise Don’t enter.

36 minutes ago


Totally ignored southern states , yet they gove highest taxes. Give them their rights.

Next generation started too…. தமிழச்சி……. Maximum RT

கியாரே worldwide Trending ah


27 minutes ago


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