Railway Budget 2014-2015 Pros & Cons

Union minister Sadananda Gowda is representing his 1st Railway Budget in the 16th Lok Sabha and the highlights are

  • This year the Indian railways will turn as the No.1 freight carrier in the globe.
  • Nearly Twenty Thousand Crore was allocated to the Social obligation of Railways in the financial year 2013-2014
  • For the year 2013-2014 the Gross traffic receipts accounts to INR 12,35,558 cr with the operating ratio was 94%.
  • For the past decade close to forty thousand crore has been spent by Indian Railways in laying 3700 kilometer of new lines
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  • Rupees eight thousand crore can be generated through fare revision but there is need for further Rs.9000 cr. for golden quadrilateral project
  • All major Railway stations are proposed to fix Food Courts
  • Should explore optional sources of resource mobilisation so that no need to bend on fare hike alone
  • Spend ninety four paisa of each rupee earned with surplus of just six paisa.
  • Nowadays 12500 trains carry twenty three mn passengers each day
  • Almost fifty stations will have individual housekeeping
  • The cleaning process of the stations will be watched through CCTV
  • No more manual laundry as motorized laundry will be introduced.
  • Eastern & Western section of corridors will continuous freight corridor
  • Removal of five thousand and four hundred unmanned level crossing
  • All tourist destinations will be connected through tourist trains
  • Hiring of four thousand women constables ensuring safety of women travelers
  • Seventeen thousand RPF men constables will be on duty serving passengers
  • The new Railway University for technical & non-technical study will be formed
  • The railway track crack will be detected through Ultrasonic system
  • One Bullet train between Mumbai — Ahmedabad route will be introducted apart from increasing the speed of major trains
  • THe dream project of Diamond Quadrilateral of high speed trains will ink all major metros stations
  • The improved E-ticketing system will have 7200 tickets per minute booked from 120000 users in lot
  • The A1 & A category stations as well as in select trains the travelers can find wifi
  • mapping GIS and digitization of Railway Land and stretching of logistics aid to different e-Commerce Companies
  • Further near future lumpsum projects will be aided via PPP mode.
  • Milk transportation through rail with association of Amul and National Dairy Association Board.
  • A single ticket will enable travel from Delhi to Srinagar by train and bus travel from Uddhampur to Banihal and Banihal to Srinagar by train.
  • Mumbai citizens will have 860 new, state-of-the art coaches, and sixty four new EMUs
  • Char Dham will connected through train
  • In the next five years Indian railways to go paperless with Digital reservation charts at stations.
  • Ready-to-eat meals to be launched
  • twenty seven Express trains in on waiting
  • five Jansadharan, five Premium air-conditioned trains to be launched


  • Amit srivastav – i wish there were more trains for the mumbai suburban line
  • Amol Dhurve – This rail budget made for those having mobiles and laptops and not for those common people staying in slums
  • ChennaiBala – Instead of bullet trains, Railways should have given priority for high speed track conversion 160 to 200kms) of atleast 2 primary routes in each state, so that around 60+ routes can have high speed network. This conversion will completely eliminate waitlisting tickets, as travel time will be reduced with more seat only trains, without the need for births. Just pure common sense – right?
  • Gurshan Gurmeet – Aim of bringing bullet train by burdening common man by fare hike what’s use of this kind of development where poor can’t afford


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