Sikkim Holidays 2018 For Government Staff

Sikkim Holidays 2018 For Government Staff

In an offer for its workers, the government of Sikkim has announced forty-three days’ general public holidays, that comprises 4 restricted ones, for the calender year 2018.Out of the forty three public holidays, 5 of these holidays will be on Sundays. Sikkim adapts a 6-day working week for its staffs.

An authorized notice published claimed there will be 43 days’ public holidays during 2018 calendar year apart from four restricted holidays of which only one day can be availed by government employees.

“The Governor of Sikkim is convinced to announce the 43 days mentioned in the following schedule to be treated as Public Holidays across all Government organizations, Public Sector Undertakings, PSUs and educational institutions falling under Govt. of Sikkim during the calendar year 2018”, the official notification claimed.

Last year in 2017, the number of public holidays for the calendar year 2017 was 37. Following are the 2018 restricted holidays in sikkim

1.5.2018 Labour Day
29.5.2018 Tenzing Norgay Sherpa Day
6.7.2018 Dalai Lama Jayanthi
13.11.2018 Chhat Puja


Date Week Day Holiday
Jan-01 Monday New Year Day
Jan-14 Sunday Maghe Sankranti
Jan-17 Wednesday Sonam Lochhar
Jan-26 Friday Republic Day
Feb-16 Friday Losar
Mar-02 Friday Holi
Mar-26 Monday Ram Nawami
Mar-30 Friday Good Firday
Apr-14 Saturday Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti
Apr-29 Sunday Sakewa
May-16 Wednesday State Day
May-29 Tuesday Saga Dawa
Jun-16 Saturday Eid-ul-Fitr
Jul-13 Friday Bhanu Jayanti
Jul-16 Monday Drukpa Tshechi
Jul-22 Sunday Guru Rimpoche’s Thungkar Tshechu
Aug-08 Wednesday Tendong Lho Rum Faat
Aug-15 Wednesday Independence Day
Aug-26 Sunday Pang Lhabsol
Sep-03 Monday Janmasthami
Sep-23 Sunday Indrajatra
Oct-02 Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti
Oct-16 Tuesday Durga Puja
Oct-17 Wednesday Durga Puja
Oct-18 Thursday Durga Puja
Oct-19 Friday Durga Puja
Oct-20 Saturday Durga Puja
Oct-31 Wednesday Lhabab Duechen
Nov-07 Wednesday Deepawali
Nov-08 Thursday Deepawali
Nov-09 Friday Deepawali
Dec-06 Thursday Kagyed Dance
Dec-08 Saturday Losoong
Dec-09 Sunday Losoong
Dec-10 Monday Losoong
Dec-11 Tuesday Losoong
Dec-12 Wednesday Losoong
Dec-13 Thursday Nyenpa Guzom
Dec-14 Friday Nyenpa Guzom
Dec-22 Saturday Teyongsi Sirjunga Sawan Tongam
Dec-25 Tuesday Chirstmas
Dec-27 Thursday Barahimizong
Dec-30 Sunday Tamu Lochar
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