Special for Bhojpuri Readers ‘Kaka’s XI’: In the Katha Gile forest

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Considering the expansion of Bhojpuri, in view of the readers, ‘G Digital’ is trying to reach you in your beloved language. For us, we are starting a column called ‘Kaka Kihaa’, in which the Bhojpuri speaking area is going to provide the culture, society, politics, literature, material on the film, opinions, ideas. Hope, this initiative will be like. Come, share the sweetness of Bhojpuri together: Editor

Mukhran Kaka today is very happy enclosure I did not know that they were unhappy. Hey happy man Haiyan However, today he is not happy with his happiness. Aisan often seen that when he was happy, when he was happy, Tofi shared the speech of the Mohalla of the Mohalla. Talking loudly in ‘Tuka and Pakha’ in the mouth, Okar Shanki (wrapper), ‘Khuran Kaka Zindabad’ was very loud and he made a round circle with a round circle. Aikar means that now you forget the story of forgetting Kaka. A Laika people, we heard stories, but we are still here. In between, Kehu said nothing. In the gesture of Bukhan Kaka, the lyrics of all the lyrics jumped on the right side. Kaka Begun Gayle –

On the mangoes of the black mai, in the garden, the ego-sugga-sughi remained. Everyday, every day, flying and flying in the search for fruit, they will return to their knot (nest) in the evening. In the lasting community, the love of Doon was an unmatched pair of trust. Suddenly, Suga remained depressed. Khile-peel, spleen, bolle, all lower, lagal. Saggy thought that we would be laughing – a sudden thing of talking about Sagga. Suga now goes to the tree with her sweet and goes away somewhere. One day, when Sakhi thought that she saw where she went and did not go with her. Sagga fly-fly ever temple, sometimes mosque, sometimes church, and sometimes on the gurdwara’s mundere. From morning to evening. I’m disappointed with seeing Suggi Apu Suga’s e-condition. The enclosure in the Suga Kawna round of his I Some of the issues that concern you How many days do you go with Suga Gaga in a fruitful flower garden? After all, it is all right. Sugi Aji seems to be always in the mind.

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Now the mango season has come. Now do not go away from Sugi. Ogg mango has a common taste in Bagaich that daily taste of different mangoes can be found. Suga is no longer hungry for the first time in eating and drinking. I have always said that they are always immersed in the Kawono Dosra Khel. When there is excessive hunger, it is possible to work on a normal bark and it will be done only after passing it. Going alone out of everyday, the mind of sadhogi and sadi are also sad. Thinking that today, knowing the meaning of their mind from Sugagah, Seeing Nikhan Thinking that he was in the early morning, he came in early morning. Before reaching the bolt, their bazaell kho katon brawl started. U thought that after all we have to go with Suga in the next door, You gently saw the peep in the bunny. Suga Kwano kept pampered by a lot of short sugaa. Hey, it’s just yesterday’s born Saga. Gilli in early nights Sugah, happily at the sight of her, said of the newborn, Suga – ‘I am sure you are immortal.’ Sughi Chihukit asked him, ‘Where can I find you?’

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Suga’s eyes came in tears. The pair of ego sugaga was attached to the Jamun tree near the mazar of old man Baba. I’m okay baby Oh be the hunter of the bearer of the creature Le Gillon We have to keep on seeing that the hunter is in the rear There are many things to do for the rescue of Okiyani, there will be no benefit for the attack, too much attack. We can not save our baby’s parents. Here is the sadness of the matter We were sorry to see Akira. Take your partner from Ai After all, now ah eh is in the world. To hear about Suga, Soggi’s eyes also tear. She is very proud of her sweetness and she is very proud of him. Mana-Mann thought that I am thinking about how much I am talking about in front of Suga. Humor Suga was troubled by the life of Dosra Suga for the day. Hmmm …!
In the Katha Gile forest, think in your mind I can say forgiveness kaka raat ke chile gayele At the time of the luncheon, one day the ‘Mullan Kaka Zindabad’

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