Standard Fireworks Diwali 2016 Discount Offers and Crackers Price List

Standard Fireworks Diwali 2016 Discount Offers and Crackers Price List:


The Standard Fireworks is located in Sivakasi of Tamilnadu state in India which is one among the India’s largest fireworks manufacturer.

For every Diwali festival various new arrivals of Crackers will be introduced and also special discount offers on Crackers along with the special deals on gift boxes.

This year the Diwali 2016 festival is to be celebrated on 29th October 2016, Saturday and for the celebration of Diwali 2016 festival Standard Fireworks had announced various discount offers and deals with best prices ever.

Diwali Crackers New Arrivals Price List:
4 Color Matches – Rs.38.00
15 Cm Green Sparklers – Rs.53.00
15 Cm Red Sparklers – Rs.64.00
Disco Flash – Rs.67.00
Color Change Sparklers – Rs.70.00
Export 20 CM Gold Sparklers – Rs.72.00
Magic Whip – Rs.81.00
Magnicient Five – Rs.82.00
Emerald Diamonds Crackers – Rs.88.00
Color Flash Holi Special – Rs.122.00
Color Burst – Rs.133.00
Whistle Sparklers – Rs.150.00
Cheers – Rs.180.00
15 cm Tri Color Sparklers – Rs.187.00
Platinum Rain – Rs.229.00
Shooting Star – Rs.230.00
Jade Flowers – Rs.232.00
Jewel Pots – Rs.247.00
Happiness – Rs.254.00
Moon Drops – Rs.310.00
Tri Color Fountain – Rs.358.00
Crackling King – Rs.380.00
Tri Color Millennium – Rs.419.00
Paris By Night – Rs.584.00
Mumbai By Night – Rs.584.00
Paris By Night – Rs.584.00
Amla Garden – Rs.584.00
Cherry Garden – Rs.584.00
Tower Pots Gold – Rs.655.00
Sky Blitz – Rs.751.00
Sensation 100 Shots – Rs.2,467.00

Diwali Crackers Gift Box Price List:
Standard Crackers – Prize Gift Box – Rs.443.00
Standard Fireworks – Gods Gift Box – Rs.558.00
Standard Super Gift Box – Rs.637.00
Standard Great Gift Box – Rs.765.00
Standard Victoria Gift Box – Rs.779.00
Standard Wonderful Gift Box – Rs.934.00
Standard Fantastic Gift Box – Rs.1,064.00
Khushi – Standard Gift Box – Rs.1,297.00
Diamond Gift Box – Standard Fireworks – Rs.1,621.00
Titan Gift Box – Standard Crackers – Rs.1,919.00
Marvel Gift Box – Standard Fireworks – Rs.2,216.00
New Paradise-Standard Gift Box – Rs.3,421.00


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