Top 10 Facts about Satta King – Will India legalise lottery and betting soon?

Top 10 Facts of Founders of Satta King

This gambling game of satta king today is brought to public by the following fellow founders

  • Kalayn ji bhagat has a important role in launching the satta king game. This man was born in the state of Gujarat. He moved to Bombay city in the year 1941 and took a job of manager role in a groccery store in Worli. Then he started satta matka, a gamble game by agreeing bets depending on the rates of Cotton sold on the Bombay Cotton Exchange. The sole person for incharge for satta bazar during those time. Several satta company commenced associating with him, they began throwing bets on a number known as satta number, then they published the satta result.
  • Suresh Bhagat was born to satta king founder Kalyanji Bhagat. Suresh Bhagat got wedded in the year 1979 with Jaya Bhagat. After Kalayanji Bhagat, his son initialled managing satta matka business along with his wife. On 11.6.2008 a truck rammed into a Scorpio car of Suresh Bhagat where himself, his lawyer and his bodyguards were killed. The investigation by Maharastra Police revealed that Suresh Bhagat’s son Hitesh Bhagat & wife Jaya Bhagat had traped to kill Suresh Bhagat which then had arrest of Hitesh Bhagat and Jaya Bhagat.
  • The man name Ratan Khatri commenced New Worli satta king in the year 1964 from the region of Dhanji Street in Mumbadevi. He launched the thought of publishing the opening & closing rates of imaginary goods. A random number would be scribed on a paper and insert this paper in a pot known as MATKA. Then a person would unveil the chit and tell the winning luckySatta number. On the appeals of his friends he began his own business in which drawing three cards to fix the satta number.



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