Top Twenty Turnouts of 2014 Lok Sabha General Election

In 2014 the sixteenth prime minister polling of India that conducted had the ————– party and allies winning the government amidst lot of suprising reports and few disappointments in this 2014 general election. Close to 800 mn voters gave their casting which is almost 64% for the country. Here are the few interesting titbits that 2014 India election Saw

The largest constituency in India is none other than Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir which is about 173266.37 square kilometre
The smallest constituency is Chandni Chowk in Delhi with distance of 10.59 sq km.
The highest number of votes compared to its presences is
The smallest number of votes in comparison to the smaller populartion is
The highest number of contestants is —— belongs to ————- constituency
The lowest number of voters counting to ——– is the polling station of ——— constituency of ——— district of ——— state.
The total number of female participants who turn to become member of parliament are —– in number.
The highest number of lady winners is in the state of ———-
The highest number of women candidates is —– is from the ———–
The lowest number of feminine candidates is from the state of Goa which is ———–
The ——- years aged candidate of this general polling india is ———– from ———-
The —— years aged candidate ———- from ———– is the oldest winner
The —— years aged candidate ———- from ———– is the youngest winner
The lowest marginal vote winner is ————– from ————-with a vote numbering
The highest margin of votes winner is ————— from —————- with highest vote counting to
The lowest vote winner is —————- from————–
The highest vote winner is —————– from ————–
The sum number of evm equipped is ———–

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