Union Rail Budget 2012-13 Highlights, New Trains List PDF

Union Rail Budget 2012-13 Highlights:

Indian Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi announced to increase the ticket amounts for the following categories .

Second Class Trains: 2 paise per km
Express Trains: 3 paise per km
Sleeper Class: 5 paise per km
A/C III Tier And First Class: 10 paise per km
A/C II Tier: 15 paise per km
A/c I Tier: 30 paise per km
Platform tickets: Rs 3 to Rs 5

 List of New Trains In Railway Budget 2012-13:

Express Train List:

Mysore-Chandigarh/Kalka (SF Express)
Puduchery-Amritsar (SF Express)
Tirupati- Dehradun (SF Express)
Indore- Hyderabad  (SF Express)
Visakhapatnam- Allahabad (City Express)
Tata Nagar- Jaipur (SF Express)
Howrah- Mysore (SF Express)
Porbandar- Chennai Central (SF Express)
Rourkela- Brahmapur (Express)
Coimbatore- Kacheguda (Express)
Gulburga- Yeswantpur (Express)
Trivendrum Central-Varanasi (Express)
Ajmer-Madurai Weekly (SF Express)
Kanniyakumari-Rameswaram Intercity Exp
Chennai Central- Kolhapur (Express)
Howrah-Keonjharghar (Express)
Dibrugarh Town- Ahmedabad (SF Express)
Dehradun-Guwahati (SF Express)
Bhubaneswar- Mangalore (SF Express)
Samastipur- Trivendrum (SF Express)
Malda Town- Secunderabad
Pune-Madgaon Shatabdi (Express)
Kacheguda-Madgaon (Express)
Kota-Hanumangarh (Express)
Lucknow – Pune (SF Express)
Jagdalpur-New Delhi (Express)
Udaipur-Puri (SF Express)
Paradip-Shalimar Intercity (Express)
Kolkata – Kathgodam S.F (Express)
Sealdah – Ferozepur (Express)
Amritsar – Surat (Express)
Jammu Tawi-Puri (SF Express)
Kalka – Jammu Tawi (Express)
Udaipur – Jaisalmer (Express)
Mumbai – New Jalpaiguri (Express)
Dehradun-Jodhpur (Express)
Kanpur Central-Kalka (Express)
Lucknow – Mughalsarai (City Express)
Kathgodam – Dehradun (City Express)
Varanasi – Kanpur (Express)
Patna – Kathgodam (Express)
Chhapra – Bhagalpur (Express)
Muzzafarpur – Jodhpur (Express)
Gaya – Raxaul (Express)
Guwahati – Bhopal (Express)
Barbil-Visakhapatnam (Express)
Visakhapatnam-Mumbai Central
Bikaner-Puri (Express)
Lucknow-Hatia (Express)
Dhanbad- Bangalore (Express)
Bhagalpur-Kanniyakumari (Express)
Kakinada-Gorakhpur (Express)

Duronto Express Train List:

Howrah-Chennai (AC Duronto)
Howarh-Guwahto (Duronto)
Chennai-Mumbai (Duronto)
Bhubanswar-Mumbai (Duronto)
Secunderabad-Bangalore (Duronto)
Ahmedabad- Bhubaneswar (Duronto)

Railway Budget 2012-13 Speech In English PDF

Rail Budget 2012-13Speech In Hindi PDF

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6 Replies to “Union Rail Budget 2012-13 Highlights, New Trains List PDF”

  • It is refreshing and matured Union Railway Budget after many many years, long live Sri. Dinesh Trivediji….

  • This is a welcome rail budget for titlagarh,odisha.. however there is some more demand from public, likes…
    introductions of new trains..

    1. visakhapatnam-jaipur exp. via raipur.,in the same timing of durg-jaipur exp.. it will fulfill demands of train from visakhapatnam,titlagarh and some part of western odisha and also from raipur..

    2. visakhapatnam – indore exp. via raipur.. in two pairs.., one pair goes via bilaspur and another one was from via durg,nagpur.. it fulfill the demands from raipur, visakhapatnam, and western odisha..

    3. visakhapatnam – jammu tawi exp.. via titlagarh , kantabanji,raipur.. in the same timing of durg-jammu tawi exp..

    4. puri-pune exp.. via sambalur , titlagarh, raipur.,

    5. koraput/visakhapatnam-allahabad exp via sambalpur/raipur.. as the case may be..

    6. kakinada-patna exp. via vizianagaram, rayagada , titlagarh , bolangir, rourkela

    7. kakinada-lucknow exp.. via titlagarh , sambalpur/raipur

    8. bhawanipatna/jagdalpur-new delhi exp via titlagarh,raipur

    Extensions of following trains..

    1. jammu tawi-hatia exp extend to sambalpur..

    2. lucknow-raipur exp extend to kakinada via titlagarh..

    3. varanasi-sambalpur exp extend to titlagarh

    4. koraput-sambalpur passenger extend to anugul..

    There is a need of introduction of a new rail line between titlagarh to jeypore(odisha).. OR,
    TITLAGARH TO RAMAGUNDAM/WARANGAL..to improve the connectivity between jharkhand,western odisha and chattisgarh with hyderabad and southern patrs..
    We also divert the rail traffics from howrah/eastern parts to southern areas via bhubaneswar…

  • IR should also plan to introduce duronto trains between Chennai – Ahmedabad and Chennai – Jaipur since the existing trains in these routes are always full irrespective of the season

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