Vaali Mingled well With Co-Lyricist, Actors, Musicians, Singers & Politicians

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vaaliVaali Vs Kannadasan Vs Legendary Lyricist

The lyric writer Vaali had a strong place on a par with lyricist Kannadasan in the Tamil film entertainment music world, passed away in Chennai city on Thursday evening on 18.07.2013. As professional competes Kannadasan & Vaali had combined issue with every other on public platforms. Actually they are very close friends in private life and gave many hours in the evening together. Vaalee’s songs were always with true lines and imagery even the Tamil film music buffs were at their own wits’ close to discern whether a specific song was scribed by Kannadasan or Vaali. In his songs brilliant imagery lines in the song title Pakkathu Veetu Paruva Matchan in the film Karpagam, Kannadasan made it public in a meeting that Vaali would always be his heir-apparent during this function in the year 1963, Viswanathan and Ramamurthy were assigned the title Mellisai Mannargal.

Vaali with Actors & Musicians

Vaali write the lyrics for cine stars for many generations right from the veteran M G Ramachandran MGR, doctor Kamal Haasan to even todays heroes such as Dhanush. He also joined hands with many lengendary composers of Tamil pada such as M.S. Viswanthan & AR Rahman. In Ithayathil Nee starred Gemini Ganesan fetched him the mre popularity. MGR casted Padakotti gave him to fresh heights as a lyricist. Many songs has been written for MGR films and parted a beautiful relationship with M.S. Viswanathan. Some of the top films songs are

  • Naan Aanai Ittal from movie enga veetu pillai
  • moondrezhuthil yen moochirukkum from flick Theiva Thai
  • kan pona pokkiley kaal pogalama from tamil padam Panam Padaithavan
  • Puthiya vaanam, puthiya boomi from Anbe Vaa
  • Thambi Naan Piranthen Kanchiyilay Netru, and tharaimel pirakka vaithan from Padakoti

Also penned song scripts of

  • Madhavi Ponmayilal
  • Ammavendrazhaikatha uyirillaye
  • Naanaga naan illai
  • Janani janani
  • chikkupukku chikkupukku railay
  • mukkala muqabla
  • singari sarakku nalla sarakku

Vaali Movies, Songs, Singers

Vaali wrote nearly ten thousand songs in fifty years of film career thus possesing the record for the most number of lyrics given in Tamil cinema.  he begun in mid-60s. He has penned and published many books namely

  • Naanum Indha Nootrandum
  • Avathara Purushan
  • Pandavar Bhoomi
  • Ramanuja Kaviyam
  • Krishna Vijayam
  • Kalaignar Kaviyam
  • Krishna Bhakthan
  • Vaaliba vaali

Vaali also gave his acting in tamil movies like

  • K Balachander’s Poikal Kuthirai
  • Kamal Haasan’s Hey Ram

Vaali also gave his mind thoughts of Kamal Haasan & Rajinikanth and worked with 3 generations of musicians. His original name was TS Rangarajan also called as Kavingar Vaali is one of the most good lyricists in the industry. Vaali`s recent songs comprise

  • Ethir Neechal title track
  • Netru Aval Irundhal

Vaali with MGR & Sivaji and Anna Durai & Karunanidhi

Vaali commenced his job career in the 1960-1970 in the patronage of MG Ramachandran. If MGR produced films with strong political message. While in his memoir he reinvited that 2 youngsters would frequently see his drama rehearsals and while he wished one of them to avail a woman role in his plays. one was sri jayendra saraswati and the other was Sivaji Ganesan. Suddently the break started in the year 1958 and he had his 1st song for the movie Azhagarmalai Kallan. The debut film he penned for MGR was Nallavan Vaazhvaan and the dialogues were written by ex-cm C.N. Annadurai. Although he had scribed songs for MGR, Sivaji Ganesan and until today’s heroes, he could describe hime as a “poet laureate” of former Chief Minister MGR. The tamil film world has seen ten thousand songs including many eras of MGR, Sivaji with his youthful songs. he always believed in his association with the prominent leaders of the Dravidian Movement comprising 3 former Chief Ministers MGR, C.N. Annadurai, and M. Karunanidhi.

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