When the support of Shankhi, Rahul surrounded the Modi government

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday hit out at the OBC conference at the Talkatora Stadium, targeting the Modi government. During this, the Congress President said that nobody works in India and someone else is benefiting from it. Taking advantage of the rising heat, Rahul took the help of Sharat to tighten a sarcasm on PM Modi. However, Rahul did not give any respite to the BJP from this satire here.

His syrup was bitter (satire). In this order, Rahul expressed his party’s right to the achievements of the BJP government. Taking a joke, he said that Congress has prepared the sweetness of the word that the BJP is selling. He described the development model of the BJP as a complete flop and counted the achievements of his era. During his address, Rahul asked the people that you heard the name of the Coca-Cola Company. Do you know that the owner of this company first sold sugar in water in the US in the US. His skill was identified and he got the money. The BJP is also working to make Shukanya a Coca Cola.

Along with this, Rahul also said that he has created the Coca-Cola Company. He, without aiming at the Modi government, said that in the same way, the owner of the McDonald Company was the first Dhaba to walk. A person running Dhaba in India has formed a company. The Congress President said that this Dhaba is a workman who does whatever he does, this country does not give him anything.

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